What business are you really in?

You’re not in the business that you think you are.

Or at least you might be confused as to what you actually sell, and it’s hurting your sales. And your customers. 

When you finally figure out what business you’re in, you’re going to attract customers like moths to a light in a dark room.

A moth would eat that up
A moth would eat that up

Your sales process is going to get easier, your copy is going to get better, and your customers are going to start to remember you.

That means, your revenues are going to go up, your focus will grow, and your business can streamline operations.

So what am I talking about?

You are in the business of helping your customer achieve their desired outcome.

At AMZTracker.com we didn’t pitch ourselves as analytics for Amazon sellers. No.

We are a step-by-step system to skyrocket your Amazon sales.

The desired outcome for our user is to grow their sales, and if they don’t then we have failed them. Even if we have a “great product” and a “beautiful website.”

None of it matters if you don’t get results for the market you are serving.

Yet, I know a lot of you, and a lot of business owners don’t know what business they are really in, and it’s making them more stressed, more strapped for cash, and more miserable than they really need to be.

But they can change with a couple small tweaks.

What does success look like for your customer?

Customer Success is when your customers achieve their Desired Outcome through their interactions with your company.”

Don’t forget that business is about creating value for other people, and you are ultimately selling results above all else, whether you know it or not. The result could be a feeling your customer gets, a monetary result, time saved, or less stress.

When I came on board Privy, we were selling an algorithm. It caused a lot of objections, and most people didn’t really understand why they would need our software.

Now we sell workflow automation that will help you close more deals in less time. And that’s the end results our user really want, more deals in less time. Not an algorithm.

That’s success to our customer.

So, what business are you in?

I’d love to know.

To your success,



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