Digital Nomad Conference Top 10 – 2019

The best digital nomad conferces of 2019

Being a digital nomad is one of the coolest lifestyles there is. After all, how many people can spend one week working at a cafe in Columbia and the next at a ski chalet in the Alps? When you are a digital nomad, the world is truly your oyster. It is yours for the taking. This time, you really can have it all.

Despite the benefits, though (and boy, are there many), sometimes traveling solo can be isolating. Thanks to the digital nomad online communities, digital nomads can and do frequently meet up with fellow travelers… but oftentimes it’s simply for a cup of coffee or a night out at the bars. Come morning, each nomad is off to his or her next location whether it be a few miles down the road or on the other side of the world.

So, it is no surprise that given this at-times isolating lifestyle, many digital nomads crave interaction and do so in the form of conferences. While there, digital nomads can socialize with like-minded people, share job tips, and receive information on how to ensure they are reaping all of the benefits from their nomadic lifestyle.

While there are a ton of awesome annual conferences, here are the top 10.

1. Nomad Cruis

Interested in joining up with roughly 150 other digital nomads and setting out on the open seas for two weeks? Unplug from devices, and concentrate on connecting with people. Visit the website:

2. Digital Nomad Summit

Each year, Digital Nomad Summit hosts a jam packed day of seminars and guest speakers. Learn how to increase your business, how to cut wasteful spending, and how to travel smarter and better. This year the seminar was in Las Vegas, but they’ve held it all around the world. Don’t miss out!
Visit their website here: 

3. Remote Working Summit

Last year the event was held in Dallas and featured guest speakers like Fortune 1000 CEOs, guest panels, and interactive seminars. Learn how to better your business from the people who have done it. Stay tuned for where this upcoming year’s event will be held.
Visit the website here:

4. 7 in 7

Hurry! This year’s event will take place October 16-23 in Columbia! Sign up now and reserve your seat. Frequently lauded as one of the best digital nomad events, this is not one to miss. Plus, unlike many others that last only for a day, this spans an entire week. Think of the comradery.
Visit the websit here:

5. Digital Nomad Girls

Interested in a female-only retreat? This one’s for you. Meet up with fellow digital nomad women, swap trade secrets, enjoy girl time, and learn from the many talented guest speakers. Past retreats have been held in the Canary Islands. 
Check them out here:

6. Be Unsettled

Interested in a retreat that is longer than a day or two? Try out Be Unsettled, and join the group for a pre-planned, inclusive 30 day retreat. 

7. The Remote Year

If traveling solo isn’t your thing, but the nomadic lifestyle is, then perhaps you should consider doing The Remote Year. For about $27,000, the Remote Year will plan out your travels and cover your flights and accommodations. If you think about it, it’s a pretty great deal.

8. Remote Work Summit

This one is held once a year, typically in someplace exotic. Meet for five days and hear from guest speakers, business owners, and fellow digital nomads. Learn how to grow your business and travel smarter.

9. Virutal Working Summit

Interested in growing your business and wanting to hear from business owners and individuals who can tell you how to do just that? Craving a good question and answer section with a group panel? What if you could get all of that without having to leave your current location? If you’ve traveled to one too many summits this year and simply want to get the information without having to pay for the travel, then sign up for this. You won’t regret it.

10. Co-Work Paradise

This 30 day retreat is held in Bali. Participants (12 in total) live in a shared villa and are treated to breakfast and dinner, a private bedroom, Wi-Fi, a coworking space, and high level workshops, guest panels, and guest speakers. It’s a bit pricey at roughly $3,000 a month, but it’s surely a conference you won’t forget.

If you want to meet up with fellow nomads – the possibilities, and conferences, are endless!

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