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Digital Nomad Groups

Are you currently a digital nomad? Or maybe interested in becoming one? The term is definitely a new one; thanks to advancements in technology, the concept of working completely remotely from various (often public) locations — something that thirty years ago would have been seemingly impossible — is incredibly normal and commonplace. 

The digital nomad lifestyle is definitely a unique one. It is not simply a job title, it is a lifestyle. In order to effectively classify oneself as a digital nomad, one must work entirely remotely and lead a nomadic lifestyle — traveling around to various locations and oftentimes working from public places like libraries, coffee shops, or pubs. Because the lifestyle is so unique, like minded individuals quickly formed a community around it. From there, the concept of being a digital nomad — and the community built upon it — blew up in terms of popularity. 

Perhaps one of the coolest things about the digital nomad lifestyle is how supportive the community is. Many, many websites, blogs, and social media accounts exist solely to teach people not only how to enter into the lifestyle, but how to better it once they have committed. From job boards to travel tips to meetup requests posted on the various sites, it’s refreshing to see just how friendly and encouraging this community really is. 

While many great sites exist, below are the cream of the crop in terms of stellar digital nomad communities. 

1. Nomad List

Nomad list has it all. Interested in traveling somewhere new but unsure about the logistics? Look no further than Nomad List. This site lists the details about popular travel destinations — it will tell you about how much you should expect to spend over the course of a month, and even offers links to available apartments, tourist spots to check out, and cool work locations with dependable Wi-Fi so you can afford said travels! 

2. Global Digital Nomad Network

Interested in joining a Facebook account with 34,000 like-minded members? This group is for you! Digital Nomads from all across the globe post and share about travel locations, job listings, and meetups. It’s a community in every sense of the word.

3. Digital Nomads Around The World

Another cool Facebook group is Digital Nomads Around The World. Members post from all around the world and share tips about their locations — where to eat, what to see, where to work, etc. Plus, you get all of the benefits of the digital nomad community — members also post about available remote jobs and offer tips and tricks on the lifestyle. 

4. Work From 

Have you ever struggled with where to work while traveling? You’re new to an unfamiliar city and in desperate need of a good cup of coffee and quality Wi-Fi… sound familiar? With Work From, those days of wandering around aimlessly trying to find a place to work are gone. Simply type in your location and you’ll be instantly hit with cafes, restaurants, and bars.

5. Digital Nomad On Reddit 

With nearly 300,000 members this forum of digital nomads is a huge, huge community. Enjoy travel tips and stories with this lively group of characters. 

6. Digital Nomads Hub

Another great Facebook group, this group is big on sharing travel tips — which cities are a must in each country, where to stay, where to work, what to see, etc. Tons of great information on this page — and a very active, informative community! 

7. Female Digital Nomads

This group is all about women supporting other women. Traveling alone can be frightening, especially for women. This group not only shares job posts and lifestyle tips, but also shares safety tips for many different cities. 

8. Meetup

Wondering what’s happening in your current city? Join Meetup and check out the various happenings in and around town — plus, you’ll get to meet your fellow Digital Nomads! This one brings community to a whole new level.

9. Nomad Stack

A cool feature with this one is an active chat with thousands of freelancers. Discuss in real time things like job questions, where to visit next, what to do in your current city, etc. It’s all about people helping people. 

10. Digital Nomads on Google – gone

Connect on Google+ with your fellow globe travelers! A pretty cool way to interact and share information.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of groups that are embracing and fostering the digital nomad community. Find your tribe, pick a location, and get set to accomplish great things.  

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