The Top 8 Digital Nomad Jobs

It’s a cool, surreal moment when you first realize “Hey, I really don’t need to be here at an office. With my line of work, I could work from anywhere.” It’s an even cooler, even more surreal moment when you actually act on that thought and make the jump from working in an office to being a full-time digital nomad.

Those who are experienced digital nomads know the ropes: you work full-time — remotely — from anywhere in the world. Typically digital nomads work in some sort of tech or communications or digital marketing capacity. For those who are interested in this lifestyle and wondering if your skill set matches “typical” digital nomad jobs, look no further. Below are some of the most common jobs in the digital nomad community.

Nomad Jobs

1. Copywriting

Do you work in the field of communications? Do you have experience freelance writing? Do you have a blog? If you’re a trained writer, getting into copywriting is relatively easy. And the good news? It actually pays well. Yes, that’s right, despite what you’ve read, the written word is still capable of making a buck.

2. Marketing/SEO/PPC

Are you experienced with digital marketing? Do you run social media campaigns? Or perhaps have experience with Google AdWords? Digital marketers are in hot pursuit, and many employers are perfectly fine with a digital job being done remotely.

3. Graphic Design/Web Design

Graphic designers and web designers are typically very well paid — and usually have the freedom to work wherever, given that it is such a creative position. Most employers want trained artists/designers, but there are many web programs out there that can teach you web design.

4. Apps

Coders, this one’s for you! If you’re an experienced app developer (or are someone who is interested in learning) then the life of a digital nomad is the life for you. Many app developers work by a contract basis, meaning you can typically work remotely for ever and ever and ever.

5. Photography + Art

Thanks to websites like Etsy, artists can sell their work directly to customers. In addition to selling on third party sites, many artists create their own website to display their work (and eliminate outsiders from taking a cut of the profits!).

6. Business Coaching and Consulting

This can mean a wide range of things. Some digital nomads consult on Facebook advertising and SEO, some teach writing courses, some even teach other digital nomads how to be better digital nomads (seriously!). If you are a people person with a knack for teaching, it’s definitely something to consider.

7. Teaching English

While many people move abroad to teach English in classrooms, it’s also becoming increasingly popular to teach and/or tutor English online, from the comfort of your computer. Tons of companies exist that will match you with your students/classroom/school. The operation is extremely legitimate. Do your research! Most require, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree and some require a TEFL certificate.

8. Influencer

Making and selling digital products is a booming industry. Whether it be e-books, audio content, YouTube videos, blog posts, social media posts, webinars… the list goes on… those who have a decent following online can make tons of money by selling their own products (think e-books and webinars) and by selling outside products through social media and blog posts (think paid partnerships with brands).

Work remotely Jobs for everyone?

These only scratch the surface of the options you have as a digital nomad. What else can be added to this list?

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