The Basic Two-Step Formula To Never Worry About How To Make Money Again

And why so many newbie “entrepreneurs” are still broke….

When it comes to making money, there are two things you need…

And without both of these, you’re going to be broke forever. Or at least stuck taking orders from a B-O-S-S.

When most people try to make money, they have one or the other… but not both and then they wonder why they aren’t stacking dollar bills.

People with day jobs? They have one of these things. If they would just add the other, they could make as much money as they want.

But instead they’re stuck with an income that is dictated by how much their employer wants to pay them.

Worst of all… they have to trade their time for money.

The don’t get paid until they go to work.

When I was starting out trying to make money online… I focused on thing #2… but didn’t have much of thing #1.

That didn’t work either. I would make some money, and then go long periods without making anything. It was feast or famine.

So what’s a guy (or girl) to do… Well, let’s break it down.

 Thing #1: << The first thing you need is a skill. >>

It could be copywriting, coding, cutting hair, playing the guitar, engineering, medicine, teaching… anything really. This is what most people are focused on who have jobs, and it’s a great place to start.

It will get you paid, but only if you trade your time for money.

Only if you have a job and you’re willing to build someone else’s dream.

You have no control. You are not calling the shots just because you have a skill.

The second thing you need… well this is what a lot of new “entrepreneurs” focus on without figuring out the first thing.

 Thing #2: <<<The second “thing” is marketing and sales>>>

How to get someone interested, and how to get them to buy.

A lot of newbies try to start online businesses and focus only on this without have a skill set and they wonder why they can’t get ahead.

But… those who are making more in one month than the average person makes all year at a job?

They’ve figured out how to combine both.

They have a skill set.

And they know marketing and sales. No, let me rephrase that. They’ve mastered marketing and sales.

See, the ability to generate and convert leads is what gives you CONTROL.

Marketing and sales ability lets you call the shots.

Let that sink in. 🔥

Most people are stuck working in a job because they have a skill, but they don’t know how to make it rain. They can’t sell.

The rainmaker will ALWAYS call the shots. ✍️

So, if you aren’t making 5 digits a month yet, ask yourself…

1. Am I practicing a skill every single day to get better and better?

2. And am I marketing and selling everyday to sell that skill?

If the answer is no to either one, that’s your problem. Remember, one is not enough. You have to have both. Figure both of these out, and you’ll set yourself free.

It’s worked for me. I’m writing this poolside from Thailand right now. I work my own hours from anywhere in the world. You can have your version of that too.

I’m putting on a free training today to show you how to learn a skill, and how to sell that skill over and over again.

Over 20,000 people have gone through this training.

For some, it will change their lives forever.

Step inside and have a look.

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