Welcome to The Work From Anywhere Accelerator!

Welcome to the The Work From Anywhere Accelerator™ and congratulations on taking the first step to #WorkFromAnywhere!!! 

My name is Christian, and you probably already know me. I am going to be your guide for the next 8 weeks and beyond. 

We’re going to go through the process to build a highly profitable online marketing business that you can run from anywhere in the world while making an impact with your work. 

I am so excited to have you in the program. I truly believe that if you commit to the program, put in the work, and push through the obstacles, that you’re going to look back on the decision to join as a turning point in your professional life. It has been for many of my students already. 

This is an 8 week program designed to get you to MASTER the skill sets that you need to scale your business as big as you desire. 

How to get clients – so you have a constant supply of businesses who need your help NOW. 

How to create winning funnels – so you’re building your marketing skillset and getting results 

How to setup your systems – So you can leverage technology to do the heavy lifting. That means, each new client you close will be a celebration instead of added work and stress to your life

How To Create Your Login

Click the button below to create your account and we’ll activate your account within 24 hours.

Be sure to use the SAME email that you used to sign up with.

How To Login

To login you can go to http://www.digitalnomad.com/login

Then click the relevant program logo and login.

Joining The Facebook Group

To join the Paid WFA Facebook group, please go to my free group and post IN THE GROUP:

“Hey Christian, I just joined the The Work From Anywhere Accelerator™ and I’m ready to #WorkFromAnywhere please let me in the paid group.”

After you have posted this in the free group, you will be approved within 24 hours to join the paid group.

The FB group is a great place to post your work to get feedback, interact with the other members, get an answer to a question, or get help on whatever you’re working on.

If you have technical issues, or questions that the group will not benefit from viewing, please reach out to me directly at Support@ChristianMartin.Org

You can also get help in the chat box in the bottom right hand corner from me or someone on my team. 

NOTE: You can also get instant access to FAQs in the help desk in the top menu. 

Next, Signup For FB Messenger Reminders for the weekly Q&A Calls!

Click here >> http://www.christianmartin.org/wfa-bot then hit “send to messenger.”  

"Closed a client for $2,500 and another on the way"

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I highly recommend you check it out!

- Brice

"The Best Investment I Have Ever Made"

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I am brand new, and 19 days in, first client!

- Magali

"Within the first week, I was already seeing results"

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Within the first week, I had leads, appointments

- Jenny

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