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"I closed my first client for $2.5k"

I used one of the first things that Christian Recommends. Check it out in the program. 

- Brice

"The best investment I have ever made!"

19 days in to the program and I have my first paying client!

- Magali

"The course is really, really good..."

I had always wanted to do my own online marketing business, and now I have paying clients in the first month. 

- Jenny

"I have multiple clients, I'm quitting my job"

I thought I wasn’t techy enough, and here I am, gaining confidence and working with paying clients!

- Emily

"I did over $15k this month with Christian's help"

I had my first $5k month as a digital marketer within a month of joining.

- John G.

"I have created my own consulting business using the skills I learned"

If you go looking around on YouTube, you’re NOT going to find this kind of information. 

- Carrie

"The best way of teaching that I've seen from anyone"

I have had a lot of success because he shows how to do it, brick by brick

- Brad

"I wish that I had done this a year ago. I could have saved myself a lot of time."

“A system on how to effectively reach out”​

- Michelle

"I was surprised..."

It really allowed me to change my thinking and set myself up for success

- Alexis

"This is the year I am pursuing my dream"

If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

- Thomas

"I'm actually talking with my market"

I’m interacting with the people who will become my first paying clients, two weeks in. I’ll update you soon. 

- Chad

"Christian's approach is a different from other people out there "

He’s not like the overhyped marketers out there. I took on two free trial clients, and one turned in to a 3-month client.  

- Mark

"The people are awesome, there is so much support"

I had never done internet marketing stuff, 

- Chelsea

"I really can tell that Christian cares about his students"

It’s laid out for you step-by-step on how to succeed

- Michelle Y.

"The things that I'm learning from Christian are making me much more valuable to my clients"

Most people need a marketing expert. I’m learning to offer that as part of my existing services.

- Coralyn

"I have learned so much working with Christian"

- Naz

"I wanted a way to make money while pursuing my art"

I knew that if I didn’t take the leap, that nothing was going to happen. I got my first strategy session right away.

- Dara

"I think this is such a special business"

There are a lot of programs that are more smoke and mirrors than substance. Christian’s program has a tremendous amount of substance behind it.

- Nick

"I've been a part of the program for a month, and I have my first client"

I look forward to living the life that I want to live

- Devan

"There was more to this program than even what Christian was selling"

It’s working out as a side hustle better than I ever expected. 

- Paul

"The course has been fantastic, it's a lot of depth, there's always help available"

It is better than I ever expected, actually. 

- Georgia

"I joined so that I can go back to Bali and live there"

I’m wrapping up my last semester, and then it’s full time in digital marketing for me!

- Rebecca

"I completed the first module and it was excellent"

I’ll be finishing the rest of the program soon. 

- Hetul

"I love the support on Facebook"

The fact that he’s offering an upgrade and not asking for any more money says a lot.

- Stephanie

"It was a lot of money for me, but it was well worth it"

It felt really easy to understand, but still complex enough that it was worth the money

- Katy

"This program more than pays for itself, it's life changing"

I decided to take the risk and invest in myself. 

- Stephanie F.

"Christian's program has breathed new life in to me"

I was feeling burnt out with my job. Now I feel like the sky is the limit.

- Kelly

"There is no better time to make a business that allows you to live on your own terms"

After I signed up, I realized how valuable WFA is. It’s making me more valuable, even in my day job.

- Kevin

"I had tried an online course in the past, and it was a waste. Christian's course is different"

Step by step how to help a business owner be successful. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the group. 

- Kim

"This one I actually got my first client in a couple weeks for $2,500"

If you’re thinking about it, do it, and you’ll be happy you did. 

- Trent

"Christian seemed real, and genuine"

His program gives me hope for the future and what my life can be like. 

- Liz

"I feel very confident in my abilities to reach my goals"

The mindset is amazing, I’ve been inspired to work everyday towards my goals. 

- Valerie

"Jump in, his authenticity and attitude is inspiring"

After I signed up I got detailed training instead of the usual programs asking for more money. 

- Marlowe

"I stopped the program and now started back up because I know it can work"

I got my first trial client. If you’re on the fence, jump in and be consistent. 

- Zaneta

"This is where Christian is different. He tells you why."

I have a strategy session tomorrow and I am on track to get clients. 

- Kristofer

"His program goes beyond digital marketing, it gives you the tools you need to deliver value to your clients"

The understanding I’ve gained is something I feel can serve anyone. This course has given me a new perspective. 

- Tim

"Christian helped me package my offer to get paid"

There are so many get rich quick schemes… this is NOT that. He sets you up to win. 

- Leonard

"I have 10x my investment in the program... I made $10,000 from one method"

If you are looking to get in to this line of business, Christian’s program is a fantastic place to get started. 

- Brice

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