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Start Your Business From Nothing And Close Your First High Value Clients

"I didn't believe it, but it worked! $3k client!"

Andrea turned her expertise in to a “Course” that she sells for $3k+/client

"I closed my very first client for $2.5k"

Trent finds meaning in giving back to others, and he sold a consulting package on his very first strategy session.

"My First Paying Client for $2,700! I love the sales script"

Jen tried it on her own for a year before joining Consultant Mojo, and didn’t get any clients. Within a week of joining, $2700!

"I Reached My Goal of 4 Clients In One Month at $2,200/client!"

Stacey was hesitant but needed to do something drastic, or go back to a job. Within her first month working together, 4 new clients at $2,300/client!

Closing Your First Client Is A Game Changer

"I got my first paying client 19 days in to starting a new business"

Magali C., Canada

Launch A Brand New Product From Scratch and Hit $10k+ First Try

"$9,000 for the two hour presentation, $12k for the week with a brand new product"

Tom launched a brand new webinar and did $9k in sales in the first two hours, $12k for the first 75 visitors. 

"I PRE-SOLD $12,200 Of My Scalable Coaching Program before creating the content"

Andrea went from trading time for money in client services to selling her consulting program and leveraging her time.

$15,970 in Two Weeks With A Brand New Webinar

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Automate Lead Generation And Scale to Six and Seven Figures

Fill Your Calendar With Your Perfect Client

If you don’t have systems bringing you new leads, prospective clients and sales, you most likely have built a job for yourself, and not a business. 

"A Flood of 8-16 Clients Every Single Week"

Steve gets 8-16 strategy sessions a week with interested prospects, and as a result, he has a flood of new clients! (6 new clients at $3k+ the first month)

"I added a $3k/month client with another in the pipeline"

Brice G, Medellin, Colombia

$5k+ Weeks Become Normal

10 New Clients In Two Weeks!

Build An Empire From The Ground Up

From no money to $20k in the bank!

Very First Client in 19 Days

$180,000 In Profit First Year In Business

"Kickass Academy" became "Charisma on Command" and now has over a million subscribers

"I doubled my business by knowing what NOT to do"

If you ever want to break $1million/yr, you need to cut out everything that doesn’t matter and FOCUS. 

"I Closed $56,000 In The Last 30 Days Using One Webinar"

If you want to hit $1million in your business, you need to be focused on ONE acquisition channel. For most of you, that is your webinar

$120,000 in coaching income for the MONTH... by the 18th of the month!

This coaching business started from scratch and is less than a year old

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