Is The Market Too Saturated With Marketers?

I get a lot of hesitant souls messaging me with something like this… 

“I heard digital marketing/funnels/ads is getting saturated, so I’m not sure if I should start a marketing business.”

Sound familiar? 

Today I want to give you three ways to get around the market saturation to build your own marketing agency so you can #WorkFromAnywhere.

How To Avoid Saturation and Crush it With Your New Business

1. Fish in another pond to find clients who will work with YOU

If a lake is too crowded with fisherman, what do you do? Go fish in another pond. Here’s the deal… 

There are 28,000,000 businesses who need help with their marketing. If you’re worried about the market being saturated, don’t be. 

543,000 new businesses get started each month in the US alone.

That means there are more than half a million brand new businesses coming on the scene every single month who have never ever been pitched. And there are another 27.5 million who still need your help. 

What does this all mean? 

The demand for good marketers is almost insatiable. Seriously, every single week in my paid community I see people getting their first client ever within a couple days of starting to reach out to clients. 

2. Use a different kind of bait to get clients

If you’re using a me-too approach to reaching out to clients – if you’re offering what everyone else is offering, the market might feel saturated. 

You have to position yourself as meaningfully different and better in your offer. We use something called a “curiosity gap” to open up questions in our client’s mind about what we can do for them. 

Have you ever had someone say “I have something to tell you…” 

and then say “never mind…”

I have, and it drives me crazy. I HAVE to know what they were going to say. 

Our outreach is kind of like this. We invoke curiosity so that our clients demand to speak with us. 

The clients have no choice to get on the phone to talk with us because they can’t stand to live with the nagging question we’ve created in their mind. 

(this is ninja-level sh**)

3. Go fishing for a different kind of fish (client)

Digital marketers, Facebook advertisers and funnel builders who have no speciality are like the unpopular kid on the playground screaming “pay attention to me,” but no one is interested. 

As a marketer, you want to be like the kid with a movie star mom, or the fashionista, or the star football player. 

In other words, you need to be interesting and have something to offer. You need to position yourself as “in-demand and different.” 

Let’s say for example, that you’re trying to get dentists as clients. Might feel saturated, right? 

What if instead of dentists, you went after “holistic dentists,” and positioned yourself as “The Go-To expert for Holistic Dentists… “

Every holistic dentist is going to want to work with you because you’re the only person who works ONLY with holistic dentists. That’s interested. That’s enticing. That’s expertise. 

If you want to escape the saturation, niche down HARD and you won’t have any competition. 

I’m holding a training to show you how to become “the King or Queen of your niche” to enjoy a competition-free marketing business… even if you’re brand new and starting from scratch. 

Click here to join the training and start a #WorkFromAnywhere business



See you in there, 

– Christian 

P.S. If all else fails, just remember this. Competition is a good thing. It means there is demand. If there is no competition, it means no one wants what you have to offer. High competition means high demand and a lot of $ in the market. 

What if we all thought the dating market was “too saturated” so we decided we didn’t need to find a partner? Instead, we decide we only need to find one, and it’s worth the effort. Clients are the same way. Finding that one dream client is all it takes to change your life forever.

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