How to make the SAME amount of money in 1/10th the time

Do you have a business, or a job you’ve created for yourself?

If you sell “hours,” you most likely have a job you’ve created for yourself.

If you can’t go on a vacation, take a sick day, or take the afternoon off to go to your kid’s soccer game without affecting your income, you have a job.

If every day you take off work costs you your hourly rate x 8 hours, you have a job.

So what would it take to create a business?

One where you sell products or programs instead of “hours.” One where you can take the afternoon off, or sleep in, or go to Italy for a week, and your income won’t change?


What would it take to make the SAME amount of money that you make now in 1/10th of the time?

Let’s say you’re currently making six figures coaching, consulting or providing services to clients working 160 hours/month.

That’s 40 hours per week that you depend on billing out to hit your income goal.

What would it take to replace that with group coaching? (“Coaching” is just guiding someone through a process to get them a result)

If you sell your coaching program initially for $3,000/client, then it’s going to take you 3 clients/month to hit $108,000/year.

For good measure, let’s just say you want to make a little more, and close 4 clients/month for $12,000 of income every month.

Once you’ve created your initial process and content (this will take time upfront, but you create it once and sell it over and over again. It’s an asset in your business), you’re left with bi-weekly coaching calls and some email support.

Let’s say 4 hours a week. That’s 16 hours/month.

That means you can make the same amount of money you would charging $75/hr for 8 hours/day every single day of the week in ONE TENTH of the time.

You can hit your six figures in 4 hours a week instead of 40.

Same income. One tenth of the time AND, you make money whether you’re on the beach, at your kid’s soccer game, sleeping in, or riding a ferris wheel on the Santa Monica pier.


I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t do this for themselves. I really don’t. I think that most people who can’t work up the courage to come work with me are scared of change, scared they won’t be able to sell, that they’re not good enough, or that the process won’t work for them.

I can help you overcome all of these limitations.

One of my current clients is very successful in her business, but she works with clients and has to show up to get paid. She easily clears six-figures, but she knows that if she steps away from the business, she’s not getting paid. She knows that there is no end in sight if she doesn’t make a change.

Yesterday, she closed her first coaching sale for $3,000. If you’ve been following me lately, you know that this happens every week.


Now, she can scale her business using a product offering (a coaching program), instead of selling “hours.” She can grow as big as she wants and make much more money (provided she’s willing to work hard), or she can relax and make the same income in a fraction of the time.

The process works. It works over and over and over again. If you can get great results for your clients, I can get great results for you, and I can get you to a place where you can match your income in 1/10th of the time that you’re working now.

How would that feel?

What would your husband or wife say if that was a reality for you?

How would your kids react? What would your friends think? What would you do with your free time?

If you want to replace your income in one-tenth of the time, I’m opening up a couple of slots on the calendar before I leave for vacation on Saturday.

I’ll be on the beach in Puerto Rico next week, so if you want to make a change, now is the time.

Apply to work with me >>

Let’s talk to see if it’s a fit and to see if I can help.


P.S. This still takes hard work on the front end.

You still need to create your program, your content, learn your market and hustle to make the first couple of sales, get your lead generation system setup and get leads rolling in.

The difference is that after 8 weeks of hustle, you have a business, and you have assets in that business that make you money.

Compare that to 8 weeks of client work where you’re left with nothing, and you have to “start over” with the next client, and I’d say it’s well worth it. If you want to hustle for 8 weeks to change your business forever, let’s do this thing.

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