The 3 Step Process to Getting Unlimited Leads


Hey guys, I’m going to be going over my little known three step process that helped me get hundreds of thousands of leads and generate millions of dollars in sales online. Whether you are looking to increase lead generation in real estate, online marketing, Linked In, Facebook, or help you start a lead generation business and grow your list, this will help you.

If you have any experience generating leads online you probably have heard the basic mediocre methods that everyone hears. The usual methods work in the beginning but if you want to know how to generate unlimited leads you should listen to someone that has experience generating leads at scale.

If you can start out using the same tactics as someone who has done millions in sales, you are miles ahead of your competition, you will make more money online, and will have a lot more fun.



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Do you want to know how to generate almost unlimited amount of leads for your business

When it comes down to it, a business cannot survive without leads. Without new people coming in who are interested in what you have to offer. Your business is going to dry up and you’re not going to make any money. So today I’m going to show you the unconventional way, the three step process to generate an unlimited amount of leads. And I’m going to be honest with you, most people out there who will teach you like the basics of lead generation, and you’re going to end up with this really boring lead generation method that is gets you really mediocre results.

But today we’re going to talk about how to generate leads from somebody who has generated hundreds and hundreds of thousands of leads for all kinds of different businesses and made millions of dollars on the internet in sales. Because to get to that level, you have to play a different game than you’re playing when you’re smaller guy.

But if you can start out using the same lead gen tactics as someone who’s doing millions in sales, you’re going to have a lot better time to business. You’re going to have a lot more fun. So let’s jump in and I just preface it like that to show you there’s a million ways to learn how to generate leads. A lot of them work up to a certain point, but if you want to do things at scale, you have to really be on point. And so that’s why we’re going to talk about these little known secrets to lead generation that not a lot of people are talking about.

Just because not a lot of businesses get this big, but you want to know this from the beginning. So how do I generate unlimited leads for any business using the wait, what principle? So how do you know if you’re in the right place for this video?

Do you have these problems? Not enough customers, clients in sales, you have to take whatever you can get to pay the bills. Like you don’t want to have a choice with clients. You feel like your customers have all the power instead of you? You should be in charge in your business, not your clients. You have no growth or momentum in your business and you have a lack of money. Is there nothing? These are not problems to be ashamed of? They’re just problems that tell us where to look for solutions.

Okay, so in these industries, digital marketing agencies, SMMS online courses, real estate, network marketing, local businesses, car dealerships, construction businesses, affiliate marketers, financial advisors, personal trainers, hairstylists, CrossFit, gyms, street buskers, restaurants, lawn care, pretty much anything you can think of, you can use these techniques to get results. But what it comes down to is you need more leads in your business if you want to grow.

So you can see right there in one of my accounts, we have 103,627 leads in. Just so you know that I’m someone who knows what they’re talking about. My name is Christian Martin. I’ve worked from all over the world from 20 different countries making money online. And here’s my two comma club board that I got for making over a million dollars in sales with one funnel in one year from click funnels. So I say that not to impress you, but to impress upon you that I know what I’m talking about.

And here’s just a screenshot from my account. The other day, uh, yesterday we generated 538 total new leads, 604 leads total. And we made $7,182. That’s a typical day in this funnel. So if you want to see numbers like that in your business, you have to figure out how to generate leads like that in your business. That’s where it all starts.

So if you’re trying to get more leads for your business on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, email marketing, even on the sidewalk, we’re going to break down how to do it. Because if you had 100,000 people listening to what you have to offer, do you think that you could make more sales? I know that you could. So how do we do it? The three step process to unlimited leads. Again, I told you this can be a little weird. Step one cause confusion. Step two, create a magical portal and step three, show them a whole new world.

This is how the big dogs do it. People that do tens of thousands of leads a month, this is the process that they follow, okay? Secret number one caused confusion. What does that mean? The answer lies in homeless people, bars and CrossFit gyms. You can look us, look around you and you will find lead generation everywhere you look even on the streets.

So look at this guy. He’s sitting in his chair and his scientists pay me to do nothing. And then he’s got a hat with lots of money in it from this picture. So even this guy is getting paying clients. So if you’re out there and you can’t get paying clients, this guy knows something you don’t about lead generation, not even joking here, okay? I always wonder why homeless people don’t work on their copy.

Now they’d probably have bigger problems to worry about, but if I can help them in any single way, I think I would just go to the store. And buy new signs, rewrite their copy for them and then go out there and test different hooks all around town and see which one converts the best. I think that’s the best thing I can do for them. So maybe one of these days I’ll actually do that.

But this guy has something figured out, pay me to do nothing and he’s making money. Why is that? Let’s look at some more signs on the streets. Okay.

The streets can teach us a lot about marketing because it’s a place where we can directly observe human behavior. Today’s offer by any two drinks and pay for them both also wanted customers, no previous experience needed as full training will be given. Please apply within. And then here we have a CrossFit gym from Bali, Indonesia. And I used to walk by this place like every day cause it was right next to my coworking place in Chengdu. And it says, but did you die and you, you have no option but to stop and pay attention when you see a sign like that. And this sign, this place would switch up their signs like all the time.

And they had the greatest headlines and I always wonder did they write these themselves or just get them off the internet?

And the cool thing about the answer to that question is it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if they’d wrote them themselves or if they just found them on the internet and copied them cause that’s fair game. Okay, they’re out there on the streets getting people to walk into the gym.

Now, why does this work? When you see someone with a sign that says, pay me to do nothing. Why does that work? It has to do with the way that the brain categorizes information. If it’s not important to our survival, we won’t pay attention to you. A lot of people think that we’re so evolved and we’re smart and we’re rational and we’re conscious, but we’re largely just emotional beings operating on instinct.

Most of the time, 99% of our behavior is awesome that we have this prefrontal cortex where we can think in abstract thought.

But when it comes to a daily action in our lives, like when we’re not in a science laboratory creating an experiment, we’re mostly operating on this programming that’s from thousands and thousands and thousands of years of survival. So if information is not important to our survival, we won’t pay attention to it. And that’s because we can’t possibly pay attention to all the sensory information that is coming in.

We would be completely overwhelmed all of the time. So most of what we already know, if we already know something, it’s not important to our survival, okay? It’s already cataloged in our brain or unconscious brain is going to take care of it. So if you’re out there trying to generate leads and you’re saying what everyone else is saying, nobody’s going to pay attention to you. Now I want you to think of it like this. Think of it like folders on your desktop computer, okay?

If you’re out there on the street and you walk by a guy and he’s a sign like this that says anything helps, God bless. You’re just going to put that in the anything helps folder and move on because if you live in a city like I do, you probably see this every single day, if not multiple times a day. Now, if you grew up in a small town, you’ve never been to a city before in your life and you walk by this, you might actually stop and pay attention, wouldn’t you? So this filing happens in the background. We say put in anything helps folder on our desktop and our brain.

This filing happens automatically in the background. You don’t have to consciously think about it, file that away. Just does it all by itself. But when you see a sign like this, pay me to do nothing.

Your brain in the background, it’s running a background process and it goes, which folder does this go? And when it might come back with an answer, the pay me to do nothing folder and this is what’s going to happen. They’re going to say folder. Not found. Your brain is going to send back that signal folder, not found, I don’t know the pay me to do nothing folder. I haven’t created one yet. So rule number one of generating leads is caused confusion.

You can see captain Jack Sparrow here looking very confused and you can see in his eyes that he is paying attention at the same time. Okay, so if there’s already a folder created the brain file sensory input away and it just forgets about it. Just think about when you go about your day to day, how much you actually notice. If you ever traveled internationally and you go travel and you’re in a completely new city, just think about how much you notice in that new place compared to your day.

So if there’s no folder that their brain has to think about where to put it, there has to create a new folder and this is what’s called attention. The task of creating new folders to categorize new information. That’s called attention. When expectations or defied our brain says you better pay attention or you could get eaten. That’s why we pay to new information. Think about a cave man. Okay. A cave man is a sitting around a fire with his caveman buddies and he hears his friends say to each other, I almost got eaten by a crock down by the river today.

So you think you would pay attention to that? No, he wouldn’t because he’s heard that before. So he’s just gonna keep tuning out and keep staring at that fire. You can see just in a days, just y’all, and I’ve heard that before. Now what if his friends have a different conversation and they say, I almost got eaten by a crock up in the mountains yesterday.

He might say, there are crux in the mountains. That’s where I go on my nature and he is going to perk up just like this guy. This causes confusion because the caveman thought there were no Crocs in the mountains, so he thought he was safe to just go on as nature walks in the mountains and he didn’t have to worry about Crocs. All of a sudden there’s new information that defied his expectations.


So all we did was change that crocodile from the river to the mountains. All of a sudden the cave man is paying attention. So relevant confusion, he’s confused. Why would there be cracks in the mountain? Relevant confusion causes attention. And without attention, nothing else matters. Okay? It doesn’t matter how good your business is, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, you can’t get people’s attention.

You’re screwed. Okay? Now here’s the deal. You don’t have to warn your customers about something bad, like the Crocs. You can also warn them about something good. So here’s a sign. I was driving down the street yesterday and I saw this billboard in Denver, and it says it’s a cat and a space, and it says it’s like NASA per tacos. And I just thought this was absolutely genius. Billboard cluster, below, because this key man might love tacos.

And you might say NASA for tacos, I love tacos. And so all of a sudden you’re not warning them about something bad, but you’re wanting him about something good, but you’re warning him either way. So relevant curiosity equals attention. When I say relevant, just because let’s say guy drives by who absolutely hates tacos, he’s not gonna pay attention that, okay?

So if you know that you’re serving tacos, your customers, you’ve got to make sure that you get the attention of people who actually love tacos. And the easiest way is just to call out. You know, if you’re targeting real estate agents, it’s really easy to say attention real estate agents or just call them out directly like that. We’re talking about the benefit or the problem in your copy. So relevant curiosity equals attention until you get this concept that you have to confuse the prospect ahead of time.

Your ads aren’t going to work, your content marketing won’t work. SEO won’t work. Social media postings won’t work. It’s all a waste without having this in place. Okay? When you get this, you won’t amplify everything else that you do. Attention is the currency of today.

So let’s look at some examples of this. Let’s look at what’s called native ads. These are the ads where you’re out there browsing the internet. You might be reading blog post or something like that. You might see an ad on the side of the screen. Now the reason we look at these is because they look kind of spammy, right? But they do so much volume.

They do a ridiculous, just millions and millions of dollars spent on ads every year for just one. Some blog like this. So born before 1969 you can get an extra $4,090 monthly with this, and then there’s a screenshot.

So what’s happening here? They were warning them about something good. They’re warning them. If you were born before this year, we have something good for you. Okay? And that causes the prospect to say, wait, what? Wait, what if I was born in 40 to 69 I can get an extra $4,000 a month.

So we want to cause that disruption and that reaction and the wait, what if they don’t say, wait what? We’re out of the game. Okay, then they’re going to keep going. Next we have one veggie that kills high blood pressure. So again, remember relevant confusion? Who would this get to stop and pay attention? People that are worried about their high blood pressure. If you’re not worried about your blood pressure, you won’t.

We will not even see this advertisement. Okay? So that’s how we’re calling out people and getting the right people to pay attention.

Now targeting has something to do with that, but the copy has a lot to do with that as well. So learn the one weird ingredient from the grocery store that stops high blood pressure dead in its tracks.

So again, we are confusing them. People are saying, I don’t know the answer of what that is. I want to find out. And the nightly news does an amazing job of this. They say what household vitamin could kill you in your sleep if you don’t know about it. We’ll tell you when we get back from the commercial break. So what are they doing? They’re confusing you. And you’re saying, I thought all my household vitamins were safe. All of a sudden one of them could kill me in my sleep. I better pay attention. Okay. Now let’s look at some positive curiosity because I don’t want you to think that you should go out there and fearmonger like the news does.

That’s not what I’m saying at all. So you can create positive curiosity. Here’s the landing page for one of my webinars, says how I channeled my inner Don Draper started a Madmen Facebook ad agency and got six different clients at $1,500 per client per month while on vacation in Thailand, in Morocco, in Argentina.

So I didn’t just say that I got six clients, if that’s all the headline was, I just told them exactly what I was going to teach them. It wouldn’t be that interesting. Okay. When confuse them that much, but I’m confusing them by saying, I channeled my inner Don Draper.

I started a Madmen Facebook ad agency and I did this while I was on vacation in Thailand, Morocco, and Argentina. All of a sudden I might start to get curious about, wow, how did, how did this guy do that? So let’s look at a negative curiosity. Okay? It doesn’t have to be positive curiosity. You can, again, you can inspire fear. It does work.

So here’s an ad from someone else in my industry and he says, if there’s one thing that has captured the hearts and minds of business owners is that the Holy grail of marketing is the funnel.

But what if I told you that the future of funnels was in jeopardy? So he’s warning them about a danger. He’s warning them about the Crocs in the mountains, and somebody who reads this, who is a business owner. Again, remember we out the people we want to attract in the first line of the copy, he says, business owners and funnels in the first line.

So people that are business owners are interested in funnels, are gonna pay attention. And then he’s telling you them as Crocs in the mountains, he’s saying the future of funnels are in, is in jeopardy, and those people are gonna stop and pay attention. So that a negative curiosity or confusion, okay, here’s a local lead gen example. Uh, this is another one to get them to avoid danger. So as there are five major mistakes home sellers in Lexington park make when selling their home that can cause them to lose 10,000, 20,000 even $50,000 in the sale of their home.

And it says, avoid these five mistakes if we’re thinking of selling your home in less in Lexington park. So you can see how people would stop and pay attention to this. Why wouldn’t you? If it could potentially save you 10 20, even $50,000 if you’re about to sell a home. So again, they call them out in the first sentence of this ad home sellers, I’m always going to name who I’m after in my hat because that’s going to get them to stop and pay attention. Uh, just so you know that this works everywhere on the streets, tired of being fat and ugly, just ugly gym.

So again, this is confusing because it’s something we’re not used to seeing. So I just wanted to show you this to tell you like I don’t care if you’re using billboards, if you’re using landing pages online or if you’re using street signs, it is all exactly the same principles. So if you want to generate leads for your business, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, we have to get your ideal client to stop and pay attention to you.

So that’s secret number one. Secret number two is you want to create a magical portal. Again, this isn’t terminology you normally hear in online marketing, but this is really, really important. I’m going to show you why and I’m going to show you by playing this clip from Harry Potter. So let’s take a look at that.

So you can see that not only with here confused there first. So he started to pay attention just like we want our prospects to do, but then he is asked to run at a wall, something that is going to be really foreign to him. And so they’re eyeing up this wall and they’re thinking, well, should I run through that wall? Is uh, is that gonna work on?

A lot of people are gonna think, I don’t want to run through that wall. What if I run into the brick wall in a, Ron’s mother basically says like, trust me, it will work. It’s magical. On the other side. If you’ve never read or seen Harry Potter, he’s entering the Wizarding world. So I bring this example up because this is what it’s like asking for someone’s email address. It’s like asking them to run at a brick wall.

And we use what’s called a landing page to do this. All this is is no matter what you’re using to get people’s attention, this is the next place you send them. This is where they land after asking for more information. So we land them on a simple page.

This one says the three step process. I used to get paid $9,000 a month for one social media post. If you want to check this out in real time, you can hit the link below this video and check it out. And then there’s a register now button. So we’re getting them to trade their email to enter a magical world. So your landing pages, the portal into your universe. And when somebody comes to you for help, they’re entering your universe. That’s your business, okay? And the landing pages, how somebody enters your world for the first time.

So here’s how this looks. Here’s the landing page and everything else we do in our business, pay attention to everything else we do in our business should point to just one landing page. Okay? This is how we get people into our business. If you’re making under $1 million a year and you have tons of different landing pages, most likely you need to focus and just get people in the door one way. So if you’re posting on Facebook, where does it point your landing page? If you’re posting in LinkedIn, where does a point in your landing page, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, email links, sharing.

I don’t care what you’re doing, you point people to a landing page. That’s where they run through the wall and enter your world. If you can’t get people down into your world, all of this is a weight. So okay, so we have to get them to run through that door to enter our world.

Now, most people are worried about what will happen after, what’s on the other side of that brick wall. Well, what happened if I don’t get through the wall? So you have to give him a very good reason to run through the wall. And the example, Harry is going to Hogwarts and magical Wizarding schools. So he’s got a lot of motivation to get through that wall. So rule number one, we’re going to cause confusion.

If we’re going to cause confusion, we want to offer an explanation. Okay? Part two, this new universe is the explanation to the confusion that we cause, right? So if we said in our ad there are cracks in the mountains, that’s where I go, uh, and this guy is going, that’s why I go on my nature box than what we might offer him a free report. Avoid the mountain crux, the three step process to avoid the mountain crux on your next nature walk.

Do you think this guy will be interested? He obviously loves his nature walks. So I think he would be right. And then we want to tell them exactly how to get that report. We don’t want to make it hard for him. We don’t want to make it confusing or strangers on the internet. These people don’t trust us. They’re not paying full attention.

They’re probably texting and watching Netflix at the same exact time. So you have to make this as easy as possible. So we’re gonna say something like, enter your email below. I’ll send you the free report straight to your inbox so you can see without this landing page to enter our universe, there is no point to the rest of this cause.

This is what a lot of people do. They say, Oh yeah, I’m working on my business. And they post in Facebook and LinkedIn and Pinterest and Instagram and YouTube and email, but it doesn’t go anywhere and that is complete waste of time.

Okay, we want to all funneling in to one central point and it’s going to be our main landing page. And so all this activity you’re doing to get people to pay attention, it’s going in to the portal to your universe. So create a simple landing page and offer an explanation to the confusion that you just caused. If we just told them Ms. Cox in the mountains, we got to explain why they’re there and how to make sure we stay safe. Okay? Remember people are trying to stay safe.

So let’s look at some examples right here. I know these are a little small. This one says get your free PDF copy of the side hustle journal, and then the button says, send me my free copy. So you know if you want a free copy of that, it’s really easy to understand what to do. You press the button that says, send me my free copy.

Now that might sound elementary to some people, but trust me when I say lots of people get this wrong. Okay, now remember I said people don’t trust you. You’re a stranger on the internet. So you can see down here he did a really good job on this landing page. He says, want to see an in depth? Look at the side hustle journal before you download your copy. So even the download something for free.

People are hesitant and he’s going to give them more reason. He does a video walkthrough to build some trust there. So that’s really cool. Let me show you another one. This one says, free real estate buyer and seller lead funnel. Download the Facebook ads. A realtor funnel that generates 300 plus buyer leads per month and a a hundred plus seller leads per month. Again, the button says, download free funnels, and I knew exactly what to press.

Now look at the text underneath the button. It says, this free funnel will be instantly sent to the email address you submit above. Cause there’s so many questions that pop up in people’s minds. What will happen after I press this button? How will I get the report? So we want to be as clear as possible. Tell them exactly what’s going to happen next.

Okay, easy. Here’s one more example. 2018 NLP goal setting report. Uh, the button says, claim my 2018 goal setting report. So again, we know exactly what to press if we want that report. Now remember, people don’t trust us. We’re strangers on the internet. So what does this guy do? He puts some badges of news outlets where he’s been featured and he has testimonials. So he’s first making the offer. Here is the first thing. Here’s a free report on how to avoid mountain Crocs.

And then he’s using what’s called social proof. He’s saying, other people, trust me, you can trust me too. So he’s saying, here’s what I’ve been featured on the news, here’s what other people have downloaded this report, have said about it, and he has their testimonials right there.

So that’s good. It’s just going to take care of those fears. Like what if I don’t like what’s on the other side of that wall? Or what if I try and run through the wall and something bad happens? We’re just saying nothing bad’s going to happen. Look, here’s proof. Okay, so does that make sense? We get them confused and then we offer an explanation to that confusion by allowing them to enter our world.

Okay? Now when the entire world through a landing page, we have to fulfill on that promise oral, never establish a business relationship. Okay? So it’s one thing to get the lead. It’s another thing to turn them into customers. So we have to show them a whole new world. There’s no point in generating lead if you don’t know what to do with it. Yes.

Oh, hold on.  Fantastic point of view.

And I know there’s people out there like this too, who just just generated tons and tons of leads or they have huge email lists and they’ve never made a dollar in their life or they just have no idea how to stay in business. And if you look at some YouTube channel creators, for example, some people have huge channels with just tens or hundreds of thousands of followers or even millions of followers. And they don’t make any money from their customer base. They have all these people that are paying attention to them. If they never get them to enter their universe, they never get them to pay them any money for anything.

Okay? So cause confusion, capture the lead and then bring them into a whole new world. This is where you solve a promise, uh, solve a problem and deliver on the promise that you’ve made. So if we had the sign out on the street, remember the street and the internet, same thing, same exact thing.

Today’s offer, buy any two drinks and pay for them both. That got us to pay attention. We might walk into that bar. That bar is gonna show us a whole new world and they’re going to fulfill on that promise. So this is where you get someone drunk when they entered the bar. If they came in there to get drunk, you better get them drunk or they’re not going to be okay.

If somebody stopped and paid attention to your CrossFit gym because of this interesting sign, you have to deliver life-changing workout when they stepped into your gym for the first time. That’s what’s going to get them to keep coming back. Okay? And if you get them to sign up for your webinar, you better show them a life changing strategy after they sign up for that webinar or they’re going to leave and never come back.

Okay? So life should be different after entering your world. This is what I want to point out. There should be a clear before and after, before somebody enters the bar, they’re sober after they walk out of the bar, they’re drunk. If that’s what they’re looking for, the bar has fulfilled on that promise. You see it before and after and that person’s going to come back to that part.

If somebody going to the gym to get in shape to become full of energy before they start going to the gym, maybe that are out of shape, they don’t have energy afterwards. There should be a clear transformation and under the webinar maybe they’re stuck in a nine to five they come out the other side finally figuring out how to quit their job. A signup with a real estate agent, they should find their dream home. So before they can’t find the home they want afterwards, the real estate agent has helped them to find their dream home and now they’re living in a new home.

We’ll do one more. If a dentist is generating leads before you have a smile that you don’t like afterwards you have a perfect white, beautiful straight smile. So we should be able to see on a screen, like a clear picture of before and after you, if you are making a picture of this shouldn’t be that hard to put in photographic form before and after.

So after you get that lead, provide them with a transformation of some sort, and that’s really important because generally people are not, they’re not interested in the in the information you’re going to give them. That cave man doesn’t actually care about the free report about how to avoid mountain Crocs. What he actually cares about is not feeling stressed on his nature box. Okay, so maybe you show them a different place to go, NatureBox, or maybe you show them how to use crock propellant to keep the Crocs away.

Whatever it is. The before and after is before he’s really stressed out. He might not even be going on those walks afterwards. He’s going in the walks and they’re stress free again. Okay, so let’s not the report that is valuable. It’s what the report can do for the person who downloads it or sent the webinar that’s valuable or the service that’s valuable.

It’s the transformation that it provides. That’s really important. Now, if that seems overwhelming, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be obvious. Let me show you what I mean by that. One of the best ways to make the transformation obvious is actually to provide a results in advance. This is something I do when you get on my free webinar.

I’m gonna show you how to get a client on the webinar that’s obvious. Before you got on the webinar, you had nobody interested in working with you.

I think got an email yesterday. Guy said, I posted what you told me to on the webinar. I have six people that are interested in working with me. What do I do next? So he’s got results in advance. It’s obvious the before and after that he has after engaging with my business after entering my universe, that’s exactly what I want to see. So non-obvious would be teaching them something obscure.

There’s tons of people that do that obvious, get them drunk and then hand them the check.

Not only is it going to be easier for them to pay you when they’re drunk cause they don’t care, but you fulfilled on your promise. You said, I can get you drunk. You show them you weren’t lying and then they will be happy to pay for that because they’ve clearly experienced the benefits if that’s what they’re trying to do.

So non-obvious transformation might be a discount on the first month of CrossFit. If I walk in across it, I’ve never done CrossFit before and they say, Oh yeah, we’ll give you a 10% discount this month. I still don’t really know if I want to do CrossFit. Okay. But an obvious transformation would be, give me a free training session, show me in a free session. And then at the end of the session asked me to sign up.

Cause now I’ve seen the transformation, I’ve seen the kind of the exercises we do. I’ve seen what my body feels like afterwards. I’ve seen that the other people in the gym, there’s a very clear before and after transformation, I’m going to be so much more likely to pay money so you can get people results in advance. So way easier to charge the money. So the easier it is for your customer to get an immediate result, the easier it is to get the customer to buy from you again.

So again, in the CrossFit gym, we’re focusing on giving the person one good workout. The result we’re providing is we’re not going to say lose 50 pounds because that would take us forever to get that result, right? But we can say, you know, you’ll, you’ll feel like you worked out after you spend an hour with us in the gym. Maybe that’s the clear before and after we provide.

So we want to just provide a small result of front, just like that guy who got six new people interested in working with him from my webinar, small results. And then he says, now what do we do next? And I say, well, I’m happy to tell you sign up for my paid program, my product, my service, my gym membership, my real estate services come back to the restaurant, whatever it is. This is where we actually asked them for money to give them even more value.

K to provide more value to their life, to provide a bigger transformation. For them. So that’s why it’s not hard to get the person to come back to the bar. Cause it’s real easy to show someone to prove to them that you can get them drunk. That’s why the more money you charge, the more challenging it is to get people to buy from you because you’ve got to prove to them a bigger result. It’s not hard to get somebody drunk.

It’s harder to get so many clients if you’ve figured out a good way to do that, you can charge a lot more money than you charged for the earth, for example. So that’s what’s gonna determine how much you can get paid, the results, the transformation that you can provide.

You know, if you can save somebody’s hundred thousand dollars a month in their business, let’s say you were working with fortune 500 companies and you saved them $100,000 a month with your piece of software, it’s not going to be hard to charge $10,000 a month for that.

So a lot of people don’t understand why some people are able to make so much money because they can provide greater transformations on a greater scale than somebody who doesn’t make a lot of money. They figured that equation out. It’s all about that before and after. Okay? It’s all about the before and after. It’s not about how much work you put in. It’s about providing that transformation for your customer. So that’s three step process to unlimited leads cause confusion. Again. Um, it could be confusion or it could be curiosity.

Okay. I kind of say confusion when we’re warning them about something bad or we’re just using a pattern interrupt and I say curiosity when we’re kind of warning them about something good. So it caused confusion or curiosity. That’s really important to get people to stop and pay attention without attention. Nothing else matters in your business.

Okay? So you have to get people to pay attention. Number two, create a magical portal. Just like Harry Potter runs through that wall. They need to run through that landing page and enter your business. So we’re going to use a landing page for that.

We’re gonna provide clear directions on how to get an explanation to the confusion that we created. And we’re going to tell them exactly how to get that. And we’ll use social proof to build trust there. And then number three, show them a whole new world. I don’t care how many leads you can generate. If you can’t show people a whole new world, they will not stick with your business.

They won’t pay you money. So that’s that before and after a clear transformation that we want to provide for them and that’s going to keep them coming back. That’s going to get them to pay us money or first to their friends and Ola other good stuff.

So if you’ve been struggling to generate leads, look at your business through this lens. It’s a three step process figured out step one, then figured out step two, then step three. Okay. It’s very simple when you think about it. If you don’t know what to do here, you need to talk to your customers.

They’re going to tell you what they’re concerned about. Just like that caveman told us that he’s concerned about NatureBox in the mountains. We wouldn’t have known that if we didn’t talk to him. Okay, so go out there and talk to your customers. Use this three step process and you’re going to be able to generate hundreds of thousands of leads just like I have.

So next steps. If you want to learn to either start your business from scratch, if you’re not in business now or you’re already in business, you want to learn to scale to seven figures with advanced marketing techniques, lead gen, conversion in product or service delivery.

Check out digital for more free trainings. We’ll walk you through more of stuff just like this absolutely free and please like comment, subscribe. If you like this comment below. Tell me what your biggest takeaway was from this video and what you want to see next. That’s all for late. I’ll see you on the next one.

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