How to Get Good at Copywriting with No Experience (Copywriting Tips for Beginners)


Whether you are wanting to improve an existing business or start your own, the number one skill you need to learn is copywriting.

Copywriting is the foundation for any business where you have to sell something, whether it be a product or yourself.

You’re probably thinking “How do I get good at copywriting, even with no experience?” One of the best copywriting tips for beginners is to train your brain to think like a copywriter.

You have to subconsciously engrain the words in your brain and in this video I go over how I did it, and how anyone can learn copywriting without being a copywriter first. If you enjoyed this tip, like and subscribe, and leave a comment with any questions about copywriting.

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The Importance of Copywriting

Recently I’ve sat down and I’ve tried to think of if there’s only one skill a person could have in business and nothing else, what would that skill be? That would still cause them to succeed.

And at the same time and looked at some of my friends who really want to make it in business and they talk about all the time and they don’t quite seem to get there. I think to myself, what skill are they lacking?

And in both of these exercises, there’s one thing that came up and this one thing is the key to your success. It’s the number one thing you could focus on and get better at. If you want to dramatically grow your income, create more opportunity for yourself and get more paying customers and clients, no matter what industry you’re in, every single business needs the skill and they need it at a level of mastery.

The skill we’re talking about is copywriting C O P Y W R I T I N G. I’m not talking about filing a copyright with the regulatory agencies. I’m talking about the art of putting words onto paper that persuade influence and sell your products. Let’s talk about how to become a copywriter with no experience.

One thing I think any business owner who’s making under a million dollars a year can do to improve their business is to master copywriting. I’m not talking about learning a little bit of copywriting and thinking that’s good enough.

I’m not talking about hiring a beginner level copywriter and thinking, Oh, I got that handled. This is not something like bookkeeping where one plus two equals three and we can just sub out any person to do the job. And the reason is that copywriting is both an art and a science.

We can break down the structure of how to use words, to influence, to bring in more people into our business, to generate leads and sales. But knowing the structure is not enough. You have to obsess over your market. You have to know your customer. You have to know how to use words, and you have to know how the subconscious brain will respond to what you’re saying.

Now, I love to break things down into the simplest form because you might hear this and you say, Christian, this sounds like incredibly complicated, and I don’t know anything about copywriting.

So how could I possibly go out there and learn this nuance thing? Well, back in the 18 hundreds and the 17 hundreds, and I’m sure before then some of our most beloved authors had a practice in their life that actually enabled them to learn how to write and what they would do is they would pick up their favorite books and then they would take out a sheet of paper and a pen and they would just hand, copy that book word for word.

Now, why would you do this? They’re not plagiarizing this work and republishing it as their own. What are they doing? They’re training the brain to write like their favorite authors. They’re looking at this person and saying, this person is a master of writing.

How could I train my brain to do the same? Even if I don’t quite understand everything that they’re just by reading their work, because we can never fully get inside the mind of that author.

And we can never understand why they did exactly what they did, because I can tell you they didn’t understand it. Either. The mat, the master may understand some of what they’re doing, but a lot of it is going to be unconscious.

And so the fastest way to get good at copywriting to get good at using words, to influence people and to generate more leads and sales for our customers and our clients is to sit down, pull up some of the best sales letters of all time, and then pull out a blank sheet of paper and a nice fountain pen. Now don’t ask me, Christian, can I just type this out on my computer?

Because no, you cannot. This is going to activate a different part of your brain. You pull out a piece of paper and then word for word you hand, copy that sales letter. You hand copy that landing page. You hand copy that ad. That is crushing it right now.

Now I learned this trick pack when I first got certified in business because I was a freelancer in at the time. I didn’t know how to niche down. I didn’t know how to create a proper value proposition and do one thing for one type of person. And I would just take on anything that I could get.

So I might be working in the financial industry one day. I may be working in the health industry the next, and I might be working in the marketing industry the day after real estate the next day. And so I was just constantly switching industries, working for all these different clients.

Copywriting Tips for Beginners

And the only way that I could wrap my head around the language that needed to be used because I was doing marketing for them, was to go look at what was already working in the market because sure I could go and I could do deep research on all these markets.

And I could try to intimately get to know the customers, but there that’s just, I’m an impossibility when there’s so many markets that I’m working with. So what did I do? I would just pull out some successful sales letters, some successful ads in those industries.

And I would just hand copy them. So if I’m working in the financial industry today, I just pull up some financial industry newsletters and I just hand copy them. And guess what? It’s just training my brain to know what words they use, what do they call our customers? They call them clients.

They call them customers, calm patients. They call them something else. Depending on the industry is going to be different words. What kinds of problems do they have?

And also how do they describe those problems? If you miss the language of the market, even if you’re talking about what they’re experiencing, if you’re using different words than they do, you’re immediately going to be paid to an outsider and they’re going to ignore you. They’re not going to trust you at all. So you have to use the exact words that your market does.

And so you just pull it out and hand, copy it. And guess what? You don’t necessarily need to analyze what you’ve done. You don’t necessarily need to understand the psychological techniques that are being used. You start to learn what has worked in the past, because I can tell you a lot of the phrases we use in copywriting, they worked in the 1950s, they worked in the 1960s and the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, the two thousands of 2010.

They still work today because human psychology really doesn’t change all that much. So we might take things a little bit, but we’re gonna use a lot of the same phrases.

For example, I can tell you what you’re feeling right now. I could say you want to be a copywriter, so you need to learn this. I know how you’re going to react to that. If you don’t want to be a copywriter right now, or you’re not sure you’re going to say who the F is.

This guy telling me what I think, but I could say, if you’re anything like most of my clients, you might be wondering, how do I get better at copywriting? And so that phrase, if you’re anything like most of my clients, guess where you pick that up, you pick it up just by hand copying and realizing that people have used that phrase in the past, because that prevents, triggering the defense mechanism in the brain, in the subconscious that says, why is this guy talking to me like this?

He doesn’t know me. Why is he acting like he knows me? So I’ll never pretend to know you because I don’t, you’re sitting on the other side of a computer screen. So all I can offer up is if you’re similar to these kinds of people, you might feel this way.

I know not to trigger that defense in you because you’ll shut down. So these are the kinds of, of small tricks and tactics and phrases that you learn when you install new software into your brain, by just hand copying that thing. And this is going to be different than you typing it out.

It’s going to be different than you studying it. It’s the one thing that you can just do every single day, two without much thought or without much work, actually get really, really good at copywriting. And I’m not joking. I think if you did nothing else, but you just spend an hour every single day, hands copying copy.

Like I did for 18 months in the beginning of my career, then almost everything else is going to take care of itself. You’re going to know how to communicate. If there is one reason that most people don’t succeed, it is because not that they’re not a hard worker, not that they don’t have value to offer.

I know tons of people who have plenty of value to offer yet, they cannot offer their products and services the market because they don’t know how to communicate. Your level of income depends on your ability to clearly articulate the value that you can offer to the marketplace until you can do that. You’re not going to get paid.

So whether you’re watching this today and you want to go out there and you want to start a copywriting business and get clients, or you want to get more clients leads and sales for your business, or you have a digital agency, or you just want to get better at communicating.

The number one thing you can do is you can pull out a sheet of paper today, find a sales letter in your industry, in your niche and just start hand copying it. Don’t just do it once. Do it every single day.

And you’re going to nail the language of the market. You’re going to nail the structure of sales messages, because it will just be installed into your brain. By seeing it so many times, you’re going to nail those phrases. You need to be aware of, to avoid triggering defense in your audience.

And you’re going to start to learn what works time and time again, over time, over history across industries. And you’re going to be light years ahead of the competition. So if you’ve never tried this before, go give it a shot. Just Google best sales letters of all time or successful sales letters in this industry, or go to the Facebook ads, database, find ads in your industry that are killing it.

How to Get Better at Copywriting Fast

Go out there hand, copy it, do it. Every single your brain is a pattern making machine. It will start to pick up on patterns, whether you do or not in the back of your mind, it’s already happening.

And then you will start to write with those patterns. Again, most hands off, easiest, laziest way. I know to get good at a skill. It’s just reps, right? It’s always about reps. Go out there, give it a shot.

Let me know how it goes. And if you want more tips like this, to increase your business, grow your sales, get more leads, paying customers, IOM clients. Don’t forget to subscribe, hit notifications and do me a favor and smash that like button. If you like this video, that’s going to help the algorithm so that we can keep making more videos. That’s all for like it’s Christian. The work from anywhere, digital marketing guy. I will see you next time,

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It’s kind of like being an FBI agent and interrogating a suspect. Your job is to get to the bottom of things. They’ll give you a copywriting hack, just go to Yelp and copy paste a review for your client’s business into your ad.

Copywriting Skills

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