How To Create Your Own Masterclass Style Ads For Your Business (Video Ad Template)


Have you seen those celebrity Masterclass ads floating around on Youtube? These masterclass ads are the short professional quality, hard-hitting, and impactful ads that grab you and get you to take action. Youtube ads are bringing in millions of dollars for many businesses and allowing small companies to scale quickly…but you have to have a good video ad structure to be successful with youtube advertising. If you are wanting to learn how to write a video script for youtube or a simple-to-follow video ad template then make sure to check out this video and watch till the end. There is no better time to get into youtube advertising. One good ad can change your life and the masterclass ad structure is a really good place to start.


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The Masterclass Ad Template

Anytime you see something over and over again in your industry, it crosses your desk. Once, twice, three times, you might want to stop and take a look. And over the past week, I have had masterclass ads plastered across my YouTube feed. These ads. You’ve probably seen, they take celebrities and they have them teach their area of expertise.

Pretty much anything you can imagine. And if you see these as a four, they have a very distinct style and they’re running millions of dollars in ad spend to them. So that means it’s time for me to perk up and say, what’s going on here. And then go ahead and give it a shot in my own business. Today, we’re going to break down how to create your own masterclass style ads for your business and create a winning ad that works. Here we go.

All right. So undoubtedly, you’ve seen these distinct ads. They have quick cuts. They have their own stylistic flare and they’re easily identifiable, you know, at the beginning that you’re seeing another masterclass ad. And since they work, we see them over and over again, that brand recognition is going to feed into the advertising loop.

We know that humans respond to this. Anytime we see an ad or a campaign that’s working over and over again, we can take the principles of that. Even if it’s outside of our industry, we can take principles, bring them into our industry, or if it’s already in our industry, we can take elements of that without copying it into our own business, to have success based on what’s already working. So the first thing we gotta look at is the camera shop, right? We’re going to get set up to shoot this ad, which is pretty simple.

How to Film a Video Ad

We can do it with one or two camera still static shot. And there’s going to be a cheap way to do this in a more expensive way. So the elements of style, as far as the shot, we have depth of field, which is those shots where you see the blurry background and it’s focused on the person’s face. We’re going to have multiple angles, usually one straight on angle.

And one from a 45 degree angle, we’re going to have an interesting background. That means it’s usually not just a blank wall or something. There’s usually something more interesting. So we might put a view in the background or bookshelf or something like that. And if you don’t have any interesting backgrounds at your house, you can just go to a public place, go to a park, go to the mountains, whatever, find something that’s actually have nice dress.

Typically these people are not dressed like I am in a tank top, but it is hot here right now. So I’m going to have to change the shoot, my math, the ads, they’re going to be well lit professional style. So usually we’re going have good lighting. And in the face, we’re going to see lots of emotion. It’s not somebody cold. This is an expert in their field. Who’s usually spent 10, 20, 30 years doing what they do and that passion for what they do is going to come out in these ads.

So before we even set up our shot to our old ad, we have to have these things dialed in. We have to get ready to set them up, you know? So find a place that has a cool background and the bus out your DSLR camera. Or if you don’t have one, hire a photographer for a day, dress up, get the lighting, right, and get ready to convey that emotion.

So that’s part one of shooting the master class style ads that is the camera or shocked. So next up we have the format of the ad. It’s going to be about 60 to 180 seconds long, and we’re going to use specific sound design on the dad. So we’re going to just fast paced or chasing music. This is sound that you might see in a package.

When there are things happening. This is gonna keep the viewers interest, keep them watching to find out what happens next. They’re also gonna use sound effects with the title. So anytime those titles come in, we’re going to use a sound effect. Show that title coming i.

How to Edit a Video Ad

After we have a qualifying statement, we’re going to have a title. It says, meet your new instructor. Again, it’s going to be white text, black background,

Then we’re going to teach it surprising or counterintuitive insight. And we’re going to say what I’m going to teach you in this masterclass. And then say something that goes against industry conventions. So if everybody thinks that you need to prospect by cold colon, you might say something like cold calling is the dumbest thing you could do in the real estate industry. So you just want to defy conventions and get people interested in what you’re going to say.

There has to be a guessing game going on. Okay? You have to break their guessing machine. If they already know exactly what you’re going to say, what the ad’s about. If they’ve heard it before, they’re going to tune out. So again, tip is to break the guessing machine, defy their expectations. Then we’re going to have title number two. Again, black background, white text. It’s going to be your knee

Next, make a passionate statement. What fires me up in the morning about real estate investing about being a real estate agent. So whatever your field is, I’m just using this as an example, I’m not in real estate. You’re going to make a passionate statement, just dig deep emotionally. Why do you do what you do? Why do you care about your customers? Who are you a hero to? And what does that mean to you? Make a passionate statement about that and get the viewer hooked. They’re going to feel your passion. And then they’re going to feel passionate and return and keep watching.

Title three is going to be social proof. This could be something like as seen on entrepreneur magazine or over 10,000 customers serve or known from this movie, whatever it is. We want to grab social proof that people already recognize, and we’re going to put it on the screen so that we’re building trust and credibility. So they believe what we’re saying.

Number four, we have reveal a secret of your trade. You have to realize that the top producers in their field are not doing this, this and this. It’s something nobody likes to talk about, but it’s the truth. So just think into what happens behind closed doors in your industry that most people don’t get to hear. What will the people at the top not talk about?

Because it causes too much trouble in the industry, but behind closed doors, that’s what they’re focused on. So again, this is defined conventional wisdom, but we’re really digging into like the 80 20 of what the top producers are doing and whatever our field is. And we’re telling the truth. Something that they don’t usually hear, because usually the people at the top are not going to tell the truth to the mass market because the mass market usually can’t handle it.

And so we want to tell them a secret of the trait. Again, we’re breaking their guessing machine. We’re telling them another secret and it’s going to get them to keep watching. Now in between this, we’re going to use B roll. So we’ve used talking head up until this point talking head is when you’re in a sitting in a chair and the camera is shooting you straight on 45 degree. Angle B roll is when we’re cutting in relevant background footage.

It’s not of somebody talking. The audio is not sinked up, might be a painting shot of a scene. It might be a scene from outside. It might be a closeup of the speaker’s face. There’s tons of instances of B roll. They use different kinds of B roll. It could be you practicing your craft, whatever that is or working with the customer. So we want to sprinkle in B roll to show our audience a little bit of our world. Okay?

So if I’m making an ad about running Facebook ads, I might show B roll of me, sitting at a laptop on the beach, logged into my Facebook ads dashboard. After we showed them this, we kind of hooked them. We’ve opened up some questions in mind. Now we want to give them a tangible results. Number 500 here, by the time we’re done, you’re going to be able to, and you just want to tell them exactly what they’re going to be able to do by the end of this year,

Talk about connecting with people and asking them questions. I’ll talk about keeping a diary. It begins with a notebook. I’ll be reading few of my published essays. Lisa, you’re a natural I’m often asked. What does your family feel when you write about them? Or I thought I would bring my sister Lisa here and find out from her.

So by the time we’re done in this class, you’re going to know exactly how to go out there and get your first paying client. Or are you going to know exactly how to grow your business by 10 X this year, or you going to know exactly how to learn, how to ride the tricycle or learn how to sing better, whatever it is, whatever industry you work in. Just talk about the result that you’re playing with your customers really helpful. Next, we’re going to have title number four and that’s going to be your name teaches.

So Christian Martin teaches how to ride a tricycle. If that’s what my class is about six, we have tele personal or painful story from your past about your struggle to get a result short and relatable. Now the keyword here is vulnerable. [inaudible] this word came up over and over again in these ads. And what you want to do is humanize yourself. Show that you’re not perfect. And you’re more like your audience.


They think oftentimes we’ll look at an expert in a subject. And we just think that person is super human and they were born. Be good at this. So tell a quick story about your struggle that you had to overcome to get to where you are today. Now, if you can use an enemy, okay. If somebody was trying to hold you back, if somebody tried to sabotage you, but this could be an internal enemy, okay?

It could be in your own self doubt. It could be the nine to five job that was holding you back or student debt. So it can either be a person, an organization society, or it can be something internal that you believed about yourself. So try to create conflict.

The paint, there’s a saying in screenwriting, that character is conflict and we don’t really know what somebody’s character is until they have to deal with conflicts. And their true character is revealed by watching what they actually do when they’re confronted with a difficult situation. So show some of your character by walking through a conflict you’ve experienced.

This cost is not just about blank. It’s really about. So this cost is just about making money online. It’s really about becoming the person you were meant to be. So we can go a level deeper here. Like what result do they want to achieve and why? So it’s not really just about learning to ride the tricycle. It’s about proving to your family, that you had it all along, that you can make it in the circus in this a silly example, but this can be applied to anything, teach singing. It can be it’s about finding your true voice is not just about sounding better. It’s about finding what’s inside of you.

How to Write a Video Sd Script for Youtube

So we’re going to use the hero’s two journeys here. We call this internal and external. There’s the external thing. That’s the obvious, tangible thing that everybody’s after. And then there’s the intangible thing. It’s the inner journey or the inner design or that we have, that we want to achieve could be the respect of her family, the respect of ourselves, proving to ourselves that we could do it.
Um, setting a good example for our children. It could be anything internal, anything that drives you beyond just the external rewards could be what you do for your customer, right? Title five, we’re going to have cascading topic. So we just want to have the topics scroll through the screen here, and we’re going to show them what we’re going to teach them on our webinar or video, whatever comes after the advertisement eight, I will equip you to life, but also to blank. So just pick out the two big things that you’re going to show them on the webinar.
So I will put you to be able to create your first online course and go out there and get paying students, but also to take control of your financial destiny and have a scalable asset in your business that works even while you’re asleep. So it shows two things. You’re going to show them how to do. And again, go one step deeper on the second one. Why is the first one important? We’re going to talk about that in the second one.
And after that, we want to talk about objections and primary benefit to the viewer. So he might say, even if you’re not sure you’re an expert, yet we can show you how to create an online course that truly and deeply helps your market. Even if you’re insecure and you’ve never taught anything in your life.
You need that conviction that you are brilliant. This is the greatest idea that anybody’s ever had. And by right team, you will set the world on fire when you know what your passion is and what your purpose is, and you go for it, no one and nothing can stand in your way.
Skateboarding can be a great lesson in your life. A lesson in perseverance, a lesson in self confidence, a lesson in belief, you don’t have to be a pro skater, but you can carry these lessons with you throughout your life. In so many other ways.
We’re going to show you how to take the expertise. You already have the knowledge and life experience you already have. And turn that into a scalable digital asset. Can you cover objections? What are the five main reasons that people are not going to work with you? What are they insecure about and what is happening outside of themselves that they think is going to prevent them from getting the result that they’re after.
Okay. So for teaching people to speak on video, we can say, even if you don’t have any fancy camera equipment, and you get nervous every time you hit record, we’re going to tell them about these objections and how we’re going to overcome it. And then we want to reiterate the primary benefit to the viewer. So ultimately, what are they going to get after they click through our ad? That’s what we want to emphasize. That’s what people are after. And then finally, the last thing we have, hi, my name is Christian Martin, and this is my…Oh, don’t say masterclass
Cause that might trigger a copyright infringement on this type of ad. So you need to pick your own thing. You know, I’m Christian Martin, and this is my webinar. I’m Christian Martin. And this is my blueprint for selling your online course. I’m Christian Martin. And this is my video about how to create masterclass style ads. So just say what it is that you’re going to provide to them. And that is the end of the ad. We’re going to end leaving them, wanting more. That’s going to get them to click through. So this whole time we’re building excitement.
We’re going through a character arc both internally and externally. We’re showing them how we come up against conflict. We’re addressing the objections that they will have to get this result for themselves. And then we’re encouraging them to come learn more. That’s the masterclass ad.It’s very distinct. Again.
We have the look, we have the food and we have the script. Now, if you’re, if you’ve gotten this document below the video and you’re writing your own masterclass style script, number one, I’d love to see it. Please post in the comments so we can check that out. You might even pick the best one and send you some free.
Number two, I have some tips for you. Tip number one, be specific, not general. Don’t say it was really hard for me to go into business for myself. It doesn’t mean anything you might say. I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner with my family and they were all pressuring me about why? How does it mean it yet? This is a hard part about entrepreneurship. So that’s specific. You’re at Thanksgiving. You’re with your family, you can paint a picture where you eating Turkey.Was it cold outside? Was it warm outside? What state were you in? Is it hard for you to visit family?
So again, just really, really specific any time you can paint it just like it would be in a movie rather than some general thing that people aren’t going to be able to picture in their mind. You’re going to get a better result. Next tip. Good versus evil. People love the interchange of good versus evil. So no matter what field you are in again, you can have an enemy. I once heard an ad where the enemy, my arch nemesis was the alarm clock. Five years ago, I came face to face with my arch, nemesis the alarm clock. So if you’re sitting there thinking I don’t have any enemies, there are no villains. You’re lying to yourself. You can always create a villain. The villain could be not enough time, right?
It could be family pressure. It could be the market’s too saturated. It could be whatever you want. There’s always a bill and there’s always conflict. Think about what annoys you think about what’s standing in your way. You think about what obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are now and put those into your advertising. Next tip, clear outcome, tangible outcome. So don’t say something like sing better.
Say something like the next time you step out on stage, you feel the power in your chest because you know, you’re ready for this performance. Okay. Again, it’s all about painting the picture and people do not like general outcomes. Okay? Don’t say I can help you grow your business so I can help you bring in 15 new clients in the next 45 days. Kay. Really clear about what the outcome is. Next tip is to tell a story.
Anytime we can wrap that into a story, it’s going to have a bigger impact. People learn through experience. And if they don’t learn through the own experience, they can learn through your experience. But only if you tell them about that experience. So again, when we’re telling them about the trials and tribulations, wrapping into a story, they’re gonna remember that story much better than they remember you just telling them that was hard. And the last thing I have on here is be passionate.
Why do you do what you do? Why are you in the business that you’re in? Why do you care about your customers? Who are you a hero to already? Or who do you want to be your hero to let that come out in your speech, let the love and the passion and the enthusiasm you have for your field, for your expertise, for what you do come out in your ad.
And it’s okay. If you’re scared, the first time you get on camera. I promise if you just practice it over and over again, your natural self and your natural enthusiasm and passion will come out. So if you don’t nail it the first time, if you can’t seem to be yourself on camera, don’t worry about it. Just keep going, just keep practicing and you will get there. So that is how has your master class style ads for your business.
If you wanted to get more customers, more clients, more business, you want to get more exposure. This is a great style ad to go ahead and give a try on YouTube. If you need help running YouTube ads or running ads like this, go in the comments below this video, and we will post more resources for you to help you. My team digital is some of the best in the world at this type of stuff, we run millions of dollars in ad spend and bring in millions and millions in sales using online video assets.
Go ahead and check that out. But again, master class style ads, one to two minutes, 60 to 180 seconds is what I’ve written down actually. So a little bit longer than that, you got to get the look right? You got to get the sound right. And you got to get the script, right? Remember this is a template for you to follow, but you can break the rules.
Okay? Learn the rules so you can break them. You don’t have to look exactly like a master class. I’ll ask. You don’t have to do anything [inaudible] but I would recommend giving it a shot. See what you like, see what you don’t like. Take the parts that you like. Get rid of the parts that you don’t go out there. Shoot your ad and make it rain because one good ad can change your light posts. You’re out in the comments until next time. It’s Christian Martin from digital and I’ll see you on the next video.
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