How Much Demand Is There For Digital Marketers?

Let’s look at where the industry is heading

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The Future of Work Is Changing...

As technology rapidly advances, third world outsourcing increases and artificial intelligence driven automation transforms organizations, the landscape of work is starting to look much different 

Digital Marketing Is On The Rise...

Looking back on my professional career, some of my biggest regrets involve missing out on trends that I could have ridden to the top. Instead, I witnessed them from the sidelines. Ironically, I was “too late to the game” on many of them, because I was worried I was already “too late to the game,” and so I did nothing. Years later, I realized I was there at the perfect time. 

Being too late comes much later than you think. I was late on Apps, I was late on real estate, but I told myself I wouldn’t be late on the next big economic trend. 

Today, the trends indicate that digital marketing is a rocketship for the foreseeable future. Digital media is permeating every facet of modern daily life across the world. The demand for digital marketers continues to outpace supply. 

Demand For Digital Marketing Professionals Will Rise By 38% In This Year Alone.

- Mondo.Com

In The State of Remote Work 2018, 90% of remote worker respondents said they planned to work from anywhere the rest of their life. 

The future is digital marketing.

The future is #WorkFromAnwhere.  

It’s up to you if you want to ride the wave to the top… or get left behind. 

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