Does growing your business stress you out?

Does growing your business stress you out?

Do you cringe every time you bring on a new client?

Do you self-sabotage your sales calls so you don’t have to start a new project?


If so, it’s likely that one of two things are happening.

  1. You’re not sure if you can get your client results
  2. You don’t have an efficient system in place to deliver a consistent result to clients

Let me explain.

So many coaches, consultants and service providers start from scratch with each new client. They don’t have standard operating procedures. They don’t have systems in place, and they basically start over each time they make a sale.

Maybe that means that they perform all the client work themselves, or maybe it means they have subcontractors or employees in place, but they just don’t have an efficient system to handle it all.

Or maybe the process is different for every client, so they have to “figure it out” each time they bring on a new client.

So every new client creates pain. The pain of added stress. The pain of extra work. The struggle to finish the job and move on to the next one.

And it never ends…

You know where this leads, don’t you?

It leads to burnout. To you wanting to leave your industry after a couple of years. It leads to struggling to make ends meet, or hitting your income goals, but not having the time, or the presence to be with your loved ones.


The good news is, this can change.

You’re not the first consultant, coach or service provider to experience this problem. I’m sure you know that there are millio- dollar-a-year consultants out there. I’m sure you know there are people in your industry who are making 5x or 10x what you’re making, and somehow they can handle it.

It’s because they have a different model, and they know how to sell into the model.

It’s called done-with-you, instead of done-for-you, and it’s the answer to your prayers.

Now, you might say “I can’t do done-with-you” in my industry, and I call bulls**t. I think you can get an even better result for your clients with a done-with-you model, and take on 10x as many clients while charging 2x-10x as much.

It’s about efficiency of process. It’s about creating a system that will consistently deliver results, and knowing how to manage that system.

Like I said, you’re not the first person to be in this situation. You just need someone to show you the way.

If you’re tired, and I mean tired like it’s not about a good night’s sleep. Tired like you just want to take a year off, then I get it.

And I can help.

I have a few free breakthrough strategy sessions opening next week. Let’s have a casual conversation about your business.

Find out how you can double your income in the next 60 days and set yourself up for growth in the year to come. I’m talking about creating a business instead of just working in a job that you’ve created for yourself, so when you go on vacation, the business runs without you, and you can pickup right where you left off when you get back.

happy family

Reach out to me now if this sounds like a life you’d look forward to.


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