Do you know how to generate new listing appointments on demand?

generate listing appWe live in a world where everything is on demand.

Need a ride? Get one at the touch of a button on your Uber app.

Want to watch a movie? Hit play on your Apple TV or Amazon Fire and it will start streaming immediately.

Hungry for some food? Apps like Favor or BiteSquad will deliver your food from anywhere in the city.

on-demand-help@2x-2b81e46258d9c6d921047fc58ff26d601dbd501b17cc2dcacbe401a51c9eaf21How about groceries? Instacart will have them to your door in an hour.

So in a world where everything is on demand, why are you still frantically searching for clients?

Why are you relying solely on referrals, door knocking, cold calling, networking and other manual tasks that need repeated over and over and over again?

Well, the answer lies in the way that on demand has come to be.

The reason you can get anything you want on demand is because someone built the systems to make this possible. Technology has allowed us to build the software and create the networks necessary to organize the necessary resources and put them at your disposal at a reasonable price.

Now the reason you don’t have clients on demand is because you haven’t used technology to build the systems that will bring you clients on demand at the push of a button.

If you don’t have system built where you can put money in and get clients out, you’re living in the past.

I’m talking about investing $1 in your business and getting $6 out the other side.

I’m talking about waking up one day, turning on your systems and coming away with leads before the sun sets that night.

Does this interest you?

Of course it does, so why don’t you have it?

It’s because these systems are complicated, expensive and time consuming to setup, and even then, there is no guarantee they are going to work.

After all, you’re an expert in real estate, not in marketing systems, right?

So what if someone had already figured out the system, documented the process, tested and refined everything, and laid it all out for you to have in your own business?

Now we’re getting somewhere.

If you’re ready to bring the world of on-demand leads to your business and stop living in feast and famine, stop cold calling, door knocking and going to another wasteful networking event, then let’s talk.

I’ve only got a couple spots open this month, but one of them has your name on it until it’s gone. The strategy session is free and there’s no obligation. Find out how we can get systems working for you.



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