Attention: Entrepreneurs ready to pass 7-figures in the next 12 months

Give me 12 months and we’ll Transform you from “Frantic, busy owner” trapped in the day-to-day to “7-Figure CEO” who can make time off with clarity, calmness and competitive advantage

This is the exact process i’ve used to start, scale and grow 4 businesses, win the two comma club award, and run a team of 15+ all while traveling around the world and working from 27 different countries... without going INSANE!

Be the CEO, Not Self Employed

It’s Time for you to go from self-employed or burnt out to a
“work from anywhere” chilled out CEO With Systems, Team, Predictability and Consistency

My name is Christian, the “work from anywhere” guy I delivered pizza for 7 years. Then I learned the “Work from anywhere” operating system and everything changed. I’m a , 7-figure CEO, winner of two comma club award and owner of 4 different businesses in 4 different niches.

Real estate, athletics, software and online courses and coaching. And I never even had to buy a suit to pull it all off. In fact, I wear the same clothes i did when i delivered pizza and snowboarded everyday. I still get to do the things I love.

My businesses provide more than money... So Should Yours

though they do provide that. They give me adventure, connection, friends, travel... and a good reason to do the things I love. They support ME instead of the other way around. Want to get calmness, clarity, momentum and support in your business?
So you feel like things are happening FOR you instead of like you're pushing a Boulder Uphill

CEO's, Founders and business Owners Who Want to Feel like your Business is Working FOR you...

CEOs, founders and business owners who want to feel like your business is working FOR you instead YOU working for your business, like you gave yourself another job.

Being a CEO, sitting in an office all day everyday, grinding away, working IN your business and feeling like things are out of control, that you’re doing everything yourself and it will fall apart if so much as take a nap...

is one thing... And being the CEO of four different companies in 4 different industries while working from 27 different countries in between snowboarding, skydiving, exploring and relaxing... and feeling like operating your business is simple, and your team is full of rockstars, is an entirely different thing.

I know what it feels like to be "owned" by my business...

I went from so stressed out that I couldn’t step away from my computer for one dinner without checking in on my phone.... And calculating in my head the opportunity cost of catching up with friends because i wouldn't be working in my business...

To taking my bucket-list dream trips for months at a time, feeling completely supported by an amazing team and business operating system.

You can scale without chaos if you want to...

you gotta understand how to scale your company without giving up your life or just getting more of the hard stuff. Without wanting to fire your team. Without feeling burnout and bored or trapped in complexity.

Without feeling like things are falling apart at all times.

Because the goal of business... can’t just be about grinding it out and staying on top of every little detail.

More growth has to make things easier for you or you will give up.

More customers and clients can’t mean you stay late at the computer more nights of the week, or the whole house of cards is going to collapse.

With the right operating system, more growth can mean more... joy, more relaxation, more support and more profits.... And more importantly, a more meaningful life, like it all actually matters.

Introducing WFA CEO

Be the CEO, not Self Employed

A 6 month mastermind designed to take you from overworked, stressed, burnt out and struggling entrepreneur to a “chilled out CEO” with consistent growth, momentum, automated client acquisition and happy team

Add a minimum of 100k/yr to your business and FutureProof Yourself

The Formula to become a Work From Anywhere CEO

Lead Generation

To get to 7-figures and beyond you need a scalable, consistent and reliable SYSTEM that generates leads 24/7/365 whether you're sleeping, on vacation or hard at work.

Lead Nature

What happens after you get a new lead determines how easy the sale will be. It's time to build trust, belief and urgency after qualifying your leads. Without these, no matter how many leads you get, no sale is going to happen.

Lead Conversion

Sales is simply helping facilitate the best decision for your prospect, but that doesn't mean it's not tricky. Our 7-figure sales coach is going to refine your process, coach your team and listen back to call reviews to close more deals.

Product Design & Delivery

Anyone can make quick cash by generating and closing leads but a business that LASTS maps out the whole customer journey. We'll focus on key moments in onboarding, setup and delivery to get and keep more clients and keep them happier.

Retention, Resell, Upsell & Maximizing LTV

The backend is where the money is. you've already spent all this time, effort and money getting a new client. You might as well make more from that client by giving them exactly what they want and need. We'll build out your backend to supercharge your margins so you can scale.

STOP. If that’s all you do, you’ve successfully built your funnel... and the real work starts

If you learn nothing after mastering the above, you’re going to end up with:

And the feeling that we've become trapped by your business

Again..How Do you think i know

Getting a successful business is only the starting point Now, it’s time to learn LEADERSHIP. It’s time to become... the chilled out 7-figure CEO

How we’ll get it done:

This isn’t an online course, it’s OLYMPIC level coaching with monthly hands-on workshops.

The real value is in “doing life together,” in walking hand in hand to bring your business to the next level.

Because we all know that left to our own devices, the newest online course might just sit unopened on our desktop computer.

But with the WFA CEO mastermind, we’re noit just going to teach you new things.

We’re going to turn you in to the leader you need to be to get the job done.

WITHOUT being a slave to the business.

In Order to Dominate, We Have to "Cross the Chasm" in 3 Areas

Marketing, Product, Team

The coaching you get when you join

How we’ll bring olympic level coaching to your business to get you results you haven’t been able to get in the past

But that’s not the best part - it’s having a container to keep you on track, motivated, help when you need it and not having to do it alone.

And we’ll uplevel WHO you are as a person so you make an extra 100k every year the rest of your life

Coaching Channel #1
Voxer Access

get direct voice access to the team of coaches


Coaching Channel #2
weekly mastermind call

Join in live on Zoom with out coached, and your fellow “WFA CEO’s”

Coaching Channel #3
Monthly LIVE Zoom Workshop

Workshop to work through the tactical stuff together

We'll all implement a new system or strategy together on a longer workshop where you walk away with a deliverable finished

Your Success Path

Join WFA CEO and Schedule Your First OKR Call, Meet Your Fellow CEO's

You snowboard, and want to get better. But unless you're one of the lucky few, you don't get to ride 200 days/yr. Maybe you want to learn new tricks, progress your riding, or you just don't want to spend all season getting back what you already had.

Attend Monthly Systems Implementation Workshops, Guest Speakers and Book Club

When you buy The Off-Season Shredder you get the roadmap to become better than you ever have before in just 20 min/day.

Find Market/Message Fit and Get Rid of Your Lead Gen Problem for Good

We'll work on strengthening the muscles you need to ride harder, longer and get injured less. Not only will your snowboarding benefit, but so will the rest of your life

Put Your First or Next Sales Rep in Place, Get Onboarded to Glance Software to Run Your Sales Team

Strength doesn't do you much good if you can't even bend over far enough to reach your grabs (I'm looking at you Rad Dad's!) In order to prevent injury, improve your riding and make you feel a whole lot better in your body we have to work on 3 core areas of flexibility and mobility. Don't worry, no matter how inflexible you are right now, this is for you.

Create Your Team Culture, Meeting Cadence and Tracking Systems

The motions of a backflip or a method grab don't change whether you took off from the snow, or the trampoline. The movement is exactly the same. The more times we can drill this movement, the easier it's going to come out on the hill and... the less you'll get wrecked trying something you don't already know how to do. Don't worry if you don't have a trampoline, you can practice this in to the pool, a pile of leaves or on the bounciest bed in your house.

Learn How to Coach Your Team, Shore up Leadership Deficiencies and Step in To The Role of CEO

Learning to "jib" out on the mountain, in the cold with the hard steel and icy consequences is one thing. Learning to do it in the warmth of your living room with a soft carpet underneath is another. We'll show you low cost and more expensive options to create your setup (starting at $5) and how to train your balance, coordination and specific tricks.

Take a Month Sabatical to Relax, Work on another Business or Hobby, Or Think About The Long Term of Your Business

Graduation day comes when you get back on the mountain. For most people, this is the day they start to work on getting back the skills they lost. For you, this is when you realize you're better than you've ever been and your friends ask you "when did you get so good??!"

BONUS: ALL current and future DigitalNomad.Com courses

Follow along with our step by step implementation guides to build each pillar of your business, get coaching in Voxer, and accountability in our weekly call

The Work from anywhere Accelerator

Step by step processes, SOPs and coaching to start a work from anywhere ad agency and get paying clients. Master FB ads, lead gen, sales and mindset

Blockbuster Courses

How to transition from "one to one" and trading time for money to "one to many" and selling to big audiences to exponentially scale your output.

Blue Ocean Ads

How we scaled to 156 customers/month in 30 days on YouTube after Zuck slapped us bigtime. If you want to scale youtube ads and get a never ending supply of customers, this is for you.

Ai For Entrepreneurs

How to get 90 days of content done in 1 day/month and scale your personal brand audience to millions using the power of artificial intelligence

Even More Bonuses To Finally break through the ceiling

BONUS # 1: Monthly memos

Get the first-hand results of all of our split tests, experiments, workshops and learning for the month. If you've ever felt like no matter how hard you can't stay on top of it all, this is for you

BONUS # 2: Monthly OKR Accountability Meetings

Jump on with all three of us and we'll walk through your business piece by piece and put together your strategic plan to crush it in the next 6 months

BONUS # 3: Recordings of our past mastermind event

If you missed this live event, we broke down business models, 7-figure funnels, viral messaging, creating your origin story, generating unlimited leads and more. You get access to all of christian's unreleased talks for free when you join

BONUS # 4: Access to our vetted contractor database

This alone will save you the cost of admission in bad hires. If you want to hit the ground running and use vetted contractors for podcasting, video editing, website development, graphic design, and more you can use our pre-vetted list so you don't have to learn the hard way how costly a bad hire can be

Everything you need to get out of your own way, become a a leader, get clarity and become a chill “WFA CEO”

and you want to do it all without giving up your life for your business,without sacrificing growth for balance, and without doing everything yourself

If you're an aspiring or current CEO and want

Learn to break the 100k/month mark in your business

Learn to break the $1M/year mark in your business

Learn to Sustain it all after the first $1million

What Would it Feel Like If Your Deposit Schedule Looked Like This? #MakeItRain

When you cross the chasm in all three areas, you get paid MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY, no matter where you are in the world. Here’s a two week period in my business. You can see I got paid THIRTY times in just 14 days 

This ISN’T Just about Business tactics

That’s the easy part

The REAL growth comes when you grow as a leader. That’s why the WFA CEO is a leadership focused mastermind. Instead of teaching you how to do every little thing in your business, we’re going to show you how to step in to the shoes of a leader and build a real, sustainable business

  • Strategy
  • Hiring
  • Management
  • Culture
  • Innovation
  • Replacing yourself
  • Partnerships
  • Energetics
  • Burnout
  • Sustainability
  • Client attraction
  • Personal Branding
  • Innovation
  • Crossing the chasm
  • Lifestyle
  • Network

Why Work With Us?

  • We’ve spent millions in ads… so you don’t have to spend millions to learn through trial and error

  • We’ve worked with thousands of customers… so you don’t have to go through the pain we have to learn the right contracts, onboarding, delivery and folloup

  • We’ve gotten thousands of testimonials … so you know exactly how to build a social proof machine

  • We’ve been involved in hundreds of industries… so we’ve seen what works across time, subject matter, audience (B2C, B2B) and personality type

  • We’re done it all the wrong ways so you don’t have to. Have you ever said “OMG I can’t believe this is happening to me in my business, this is so bad!”

  • Well… it’s happened to us. We can tell you how to feel, if it’s normal, what to do next

  • Not to mention that you will make some of your best friends in this mastermind.


Look, we aren’t here just to make you money. That’s just a byproduct of the person you’re going to become. And it’s not always going to be easy.

But we promise if you stick with us the whole year, not only will you likely 10x your money, but you’re going to be a completely different person than you are now.

You’re going to be a WFA CEO.

But if the person you are now is still worried about making the right decision (*ahem, something we’ll work on together as leaders, making decisions), we’ll guarantee you at LEAST double your money from this investment. Put 1x in, get 2x out or we'll work with you until you do. Now, it’s not the money you have to be worried about, but the upside you’ll lose if you DON’T join our group of WFA CEOs

Meet the coaches

Jamil “ The agency Guy”

Agency Scaling Expert

A legend in the industry, Jamil owns multiple agencies, has coached thousands of students and even buys businesses in his spare time. Whether you want to know how to scale a client from 1k/month to 18k/month, or how to do your first merger, Jamil's got your back.

christian “ the work from anywhere guy”

Work From Anywhere Entrepreneur

Former pizza delivery driver, and now owner of 3-5 businesses at any given time, real estate investor and entrepreneur, Christian runs his business while traveling around the world and has helped 3,000+ people do the same.

Michael The Sales Guy

7 figure sales expert

michael used to work in underground mines before discovering the infinite possibility of online business. since then he sold millions in products and services while working above ground and helping others to make the same big leap he did.

What People are saying about working with Christian and the DigitalNomad.Com Team

Meet Eric:

28k/ Month in recurring income added

“I’m happy to have 1 client, not to mention 15. that’s $28k montly i didn’t have 6 months ago.”

Meet George

The best investment i have ever made, I just Broke $100k/Month

“ This is THE best investement I’ve ever made. I go to bed every night to wake up next day. I love both growing my business and delivering great result for my clients. My clients tell me all the time that the reason they like working with me, vs. the other’s agencies they’ve worked with, is that I actually care about their career success and growth. I feel very fortunate and lucky to be a member. Cheers!

Meet Tom:

From Startup to $120k Monthly in 10 months

“ I started the business in December, and so far just in October I have done $120,000 and it’s only the 16th of the month. Christian is the reason why.

Meet Chad:

From Personal Trainer to $30k Days as a Marketer

I remember when Chad got his very first client. Then he closed one in the grocery store parking lot. Before you know it, Chad scaled his business past the 7-figure mark and built a lasting brand

Meet Cody:

From Barista to $30k Profit Weeks in Business

“ I started the business in December, and so far just in October I have done $120,000 and it’s only the 16th of the month. Christian is the reason why.

We Have Worked With Over 10,000 Customers and Clients Across 12+ Companies

4.9 out of 5 Star Rating on Google
4.9 out of 5 Star Rating on Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re the CEO, it’s up to you to decide how much you want to put in to your business. We’re here to coach you, not do the work for you. I’d recommend logging in to the voxer channel 1x/day for 20 min to catch up on the group activity, attend the weekly 1hr call, and show up to your quarterly live events or watch the streaming replay if you can’t make it 

We’re not getting any younger, even you. I’ve found the hard way, through trial and error, blood, sweat and tears that going at it alone is a mistake if I want to go fast. 

After investing over $300,000 in mentors and coaches, I learned that the easiest way to “collapse time and get the result I’m after is simply to be in proximity to someone who has done it before, and made all the mistakes I might encounter along the way. 

If you want to speed up your progress by years, you can “borrow my experience” and skip the feeling around in the dark for the path. 

No problem, we’re going to figure that out and map it together. Or, if things are going great and you don’t want to change anything, we’ll pour gas on the fire to make it go faster. 

If you are a complete beginner and have never had a business, please join our entry level program “Money Toaster Monthly” 

Join the WFA CEO today and Stop Being Self Employed