Who is Christian "The Work From Anywhere Guy?

And How Has DigitalNomad.Com Helped Thousands of People Break Free?


I've never felt that I fit into the corporate lifestyle.

I’ve been there and I feel your pain…

I remember when I graduated from college and got a
“real job.”

I went from snowboarding everyday in the mountains of Keystone, CO, to sitting in a real estate office with florescent overhead lighting, on Colorado Blvd in Downtown Denver, wondering if neckties were always this tight… turns out they are!

As I stared out the window at the 300 days of sunshine a year in Colorado, I just kept thinking, this can’t be all there is to life….

I was pretty desperate to find something that allowed me the Freedom to be me.

See, it wasn’t the hard work that I had a problem with. I love hard work.

It was the lack of flexibility.

I hate being told when I can and can’t take a break, eat, go to the gym, take a vacation. I like to work when I feel like it, and live my life, when I feel like it… If I want to sleep in this Wednesday and get up early the next, I want that to be ok.

I like to set my own rules, and I don’t do well with authority.

I needed something that allowed me to help people and get paid for it without feeling like a prisoner, without the hours passing me by, tied to a cubicle while I know there is a world out there waiting for me.

I needed something that allowed me to be me, and do all the things I wanted to do without sacrificing my career. In fact, I wanted to excel in my career. I had ambition, I just wanted to have it on my own terms.

At the time I thought to myself, “Christian, nothing is wrong with having a job right now, but NOT working towards quitting is a problem. Change needs to happen now if you’re ever going to have the life you want. “

And So I Set Out To Do Something About It... And Tried More Than 30 Different Business Models...

I thought about starting a side hustle for a while but didn’t know where to begin…

At first, I just thought about it a lot… When I got sick of that, I actually started trying things. I Spent years trying to figure it out. Eventually, things started to happen…

Here is a partial list of the business I tried to start…

After trying more than 30 different business models (for real, I have a list saved on my MacBook’s hard drive), I finally found the one that gave me the freedom to travel, go on adventures, and exercise my creativity all at once… and my life changed forever.

I finally found the business model that gave me the freedom to travel, go on adventures, and exercise my creativity all at once...

…and my life changed forever with online business

For The First Time Ever, Get A Behind The Scenes Look At The Secret Playbook I’ve Been Using To Get Paid.

While Working From More Than 20 Different Countries… While Living Life On My Own Terms

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Fun Facts About Christian

I’m a normal person just like you. I just happen to work on the internet and travel around a lot.

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