From Broke Snowboard Bum To 7-Figure World-Traveling Online Business Owner. This Is My Story...

Hey, I’m Christian. The “Work From Anywhere” Digital Marketing Guy. I had done everything that was expected of me my whole life, until I couldn’t take it any more and I quit everything, sold most of my stuff, and took off to travel the world…while starting a business from scratch at the same time. Learn more about my story below.

Argentina, Two Years In To Being A Digital Nomad

My entire life, I felt like I didn't fit it, like I just wasn't cut out for "normal..."

“Normal jobs just aren’t for me. I always feel like I’m wasting my time.”

And yet… I followed the prescribed path anyway.

I had done everything that was expected of me my whole life. I went to school, I got good grades, I got in to college, I got an internship, I even graduated with distinction.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I found myself in a job in the real estate industry that I didn’t like and a life that I couldn’t get behind.

I sat at work on spring day. I remember it well, it was about 60 degrees outside, mostly sunny, the birds were chirping outside, just one of those beautiful spring days. I was wearing a long-sleeve dress shirt and tie… sipping a Starbucks black coffee staring out the window, wondering what I was doing inside an office.

A year earlier I was winning the CBS collegiate nationals in Snowboarding by day and delivering pizza at night, and now I’m sitting in an office?

Oakley Flew Me Out To Mt. Hood For A PhotoShoot

I had gone from feeling alive, going full on adrenaline rush...

…to having the biggest rush of my day be… my morning drive to the office. I was BORED!

My deskmate Jared came to work, sat down next to me, and looked over, sensing that I was a bit down that day.

He leaned over, and with good intentions, said “ten years of hard work, and you can drive any car you want, live in any house you want, and get the corner office…”

That’s when I realized I was in the wrong place.

My goal in life wasn’t JUST to drive a better car (even though now I can), it wasn’t JUST to ascend the ranks, working day in and day out in the office…

MY goal was to LIVE. To have my work support the lifestyle that I dreamed of, not have my lifestyle support my work. This was backwards.

"MY goal was to LIVE. To have my work support the lifestyle that I dreamed of, not have my lifestyle support my work. This was backwards."

Build Work Around Your Life, Instead Of Your Life Around Work

Riding Camels in Morocco a few years after becoming a digital nomad...

I wanted to see the world, but I had never even left the country. I had never even seen my own country.

What had I done?

I had let someone else design my life. To top it all off, that weekend, my girlfriend of six years broke up with me. I guess she could sense that I wasn’t living my best life.

I was devastated. I spent all weekend at the bars, just trying to convince myself that I was happy working a job I didn’t like to buy things I didn’t need to make people happy that I didn’t even care about.

That is, until Sunday afternoon at a neighborhood barbecue here in Denver.

I sat down, feeling sorry for myself, and looked across from me and saw a bearded man smoking a cigarette, and I introduced myself.

I went with the standard line of questioning… “what do you do?”

Ten minutes later, I’m completely enraptured as he is telling me how he makes $2,000 a day online.

He’s telling me it’s possible to replace your income working online, regardless of experience or credentials, and without being a natural salesman… because that was something that I was certainly not.

I couldn’t contain myself.

I wanted to see the world, and I wanted to build a life on my own terms, and this seemed like a major breakthrough in what I thought was possible.

So I started my first business...

(Some Say Entrepreneurship is For The “Unemployable”​)
My First Business, The App "Wallet+"

It was an iPhone app called “Wallet+”

I read stories online about how great an online business was going to be…

I got a website, had business cards made, updated my social media profile…

I looked LEGIT!

And I was… I hit as high as #7 in Top Finance Apps in the App Store.


Seen here at #16 in Finance apps, my app reached as high as #7

The only problem was, I had to make 7,142 customers happy EACH month just to make a normal income of $5,000/month…

And each time a new iPhone came out, I had to update the iPhone…

Needless to say, after development costs, there wasn’t much left over. So I started looking for another business to start.

But no matter what I did, I just couldn’t seem to gain momentum. I just couldn’t seem to break through the grind…

"No matter what I did, I just couldn't seem to gain momentum. I just couldn't seem to break through the grind..."

I tried everything to make a living without getting a “real job”…


Real estate…

Publishing magazines…


Starting a blog…

I started over THIRTY businesses.

I tried it all.. and I actually LAUNCHED. I wasn’t sitting around doing NOTHING, was I?

I even had some moderate success with a few of the business, but I failed miserably more often that not. Has that ever happened to you?

This was NOT the life and business that I had dreamed of…

I remember shutting my laptop at the end of the day, rubbing my eyes, and popping an advil with a sip of water to combat the headache that had come from “working on my business” (i.e staring at my screen) all day…

Watching YouTube videos…

Reading blog posts and emails…

Updating my website…

But my bank account had not made the progress I wanted…

All I had was a fancy looking website and a headache.

Sound familiar?

Then I learned Digital Marketing For Local Businesses, and EVERYTHING Changed...

Well, almost everything…

I went out and I got clients to helping them grow their business with digital marketing. I remember getting my first “trial client,” and then turning that in to my case study and $6k in referrals.

I practiced my craft and I got good at marketing. Great even. I turned it into a process that you’ll get when you join the program today.

The thing about marketing is that it’s the most in-demand skill in the world. Every business NEEDS more leads and sales…

My clients were making TONS of money. I had 10x multiple businesses with the digital marketing skills that I had learned on my own.

I had helped companies go from startup to over $300,000 per MONTH!

I had PAYING clients! And I could work from anywhere…

But, I was “just over broke”, and I felt like I had created a job for myself with no end in site. I stop working, and the checks stop coming in…

I would see posts by marketing “gurus” on Facebook, the “blunt” kind, not the shiny kind, calling out marketers who were broke. “How dare they..”. they would say. “How could you possibly make your clients money, if you don’t have any yourself? You’re such a fraud… “

And I felt ashamed. I was scared, and alone. I wanted to give up and hide behind a rock.

You know the feeling when you’re sitting around the table and your friends are relatives are asking you “how’s business,” and all you can do is stutter out “it’s great,” before grabbing for your wine glass, and gulping down a big sip to ease the tension?

The marketing part was working. It was just ME who wasn’t making the money that I wanted. I felt like no matter how hard I worked, I just couldn’t keep up. Each new client I got was more and more work, and while their incomes where growing like CRAZY thanks to the work we had done together, mine was not. I was building someone else’s business instead of my own. No wonder I didn’t have the money that I wanted.

What’s the saying… The cobbler’s son has no shoes?

One of my mentors once told me in a cramped conference room, as I checked my email frantically responding to client emails, hoping I would have enough time to get all the work done by week’s end,

“Christian, the way to earn more is to do LESS.”

“Huh?! Ok, now I’m lost,” I thought.

He went on… “See, the problem is that most people fill their days up with busywork, and they think they’re working hard, but they’re working on things that don’t matter at all.

Sometimes business is more about knowing what NOT to do… so that you can focus only on the few things that will make you more and more money.

You see, if you ever want to be free in life, 5x the income CANNOT equal 5x the work for you.

You have to find a way to free yourself from the “time-for-money” trap and build a SYSTEM that does the heavy lifting.

Each new customer in your business should make you HAPPY, not stressed that you won’t be able to handle the workload. You do this by providing ONE solution, offering only ONE service, and working with ONE type of client.

You do this by cloning yourself using systems, and getting rid of every other task in your business that doesn’t actually propel you forward. Most people’s biggest cost isn’t what they invest in themselves, it’s the time they waste trying to figure it out on their own, focusing on the wrong thing, and making things too complicated.”

Fire Your Worst Clients, Clone Your Best...

It was at that time that I learned to offer the ONE simple-to-offer service that changed everything for me. This one offering replaced all of the other offers in my business, and it made my clients more money in less time, and it took very little time from me for each new client.

2-3 Step Basic Funnel and Ads. That’s it.

That meant, I could add client after client after client… and still not burnout. That meant, I didn’t feel ashamed anymore, because not only was my clients’ business working, but finally, my business was working too.

I had finally learned a NEW way of doing things, where I was actually building MY business and not just my clients. I was working ON my business, instead of IN it!

So, what did I do?

I had a client that I was getting great results for… and a couple that were a pain in my a**… you know what i’m talking about 😉

So I fired all of my clients, except one. I decided I would “clone” this client, and find 5 more that looked EXACTLY like him – same business, same funnel, same audiences, just in different cities around the country…

And I did… I fired up my handy client-attracting scripts that I will share with you when you join today, and I went out and got 5 more clients that looked just like him.

Pretty soon, I had 6 different automatic payments of $1,500 coming each month… I’m not great at math, but that’s a $100,000+/yr business renting ONE funnel!

That's a $100,000+/yr business renting ONE funnel!

You Only Need To Get ONE Thing Working, To Get Plenty Of Clients To Support Yourself. You Don’t Have To "Start Over" With Every Client.

Let me tell you a quick story about my New Year’s Day a couple years ago after I had finally implemented Funnel Cloning in to my business.

I woke up on New Year’s Day, slightly “tired” from the night before… yes, I indulged in celebration of the new year. I don’t do it often, but occasionally it’s inevitable.

Anyway… I was staying with my family and friends in Pennsylvania where I grew up. PA is nice and green in the summer, but the winters tend to be a bit gray and dreary..

Everyone had a lazy new year’s day, we didn’t do much. Maybe watched a couple movies (my brother loves the Jack Reacher movies… I’m not the biggest fan)

Actually, I got on two quick calls with potential clients while Tom Cruise was doing his thing in the other room.

That evening, some friends came over to my brother’s house for dinner.

“What did you guys do today?” my friend Kellie asked over mashed potatoes and cabernet…

“Not much”, answered everyone. I said the same thing.

Then, I realized, I had ADDED an additional $3,000/month to my income that day.

See I had enrolled two clients that day at $1,500/month. While I was in another state. While everyone was having a lazy day.

And I did it with “funnel cloning.” By cloning a funnel that was already working, and setting it up for new clients.


Here’s the thing…

If a funnel works in one location, chances are it will work in another.

Have you ever heard about how restaurant chains will roll out a new menu item in one city to test it before taking it nationwide?

Once they know it works in say… Houston, then they know it will probably also be a hit in Chicago.

They find a new item that’s a hit, and they roll it out nationwide.

And funnel cloning works the same way.

You have a funnel that works for Dentists in NYC?

It will most likely work in SanFrancisco as well…


All you have to do is get on the phone with the Dentist in SF, and say, “hey, we’ve got this working in NYC, do you want to get the same results for your practice in SF?”

BOOM! You’ve added a new client, and you did it without starting from scratch.

And Today I Have Used Funnel Cloning To Work From More Than 20 Different Countries, On 5 Different Continents.

I had learned FUNNEL CLONING.

Because I’ve created a BUSINESS instead of a J-O-B for myself, I’ve been able to travel the world

Because I've created a BUSINESS instead of a J-O-B for myself, I've been able to travel the world

My office is a table on a beach on an Indonesian island off the coast of Bali…

Or on a Cabana overlooking the ocean in Mexico…

Or an Argentinian Cafe while I watch Tango…

Fun Facts About Christian

I’m a normal person just like you. I just happen to work on the internet and travel around a lot. 

The “two-comma club” award that I won (with the help of my awesome team, of course) 


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If you want more freedom with your time, location and finances, and you want to build a life you don’t need a vacation from, check out the trainings below. 

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