5 Continents and ~20 Countries Later...

Although I’ve run my online business from a laptop while traveling the world, and dancing tango in Argentina, Parasailing in Chile, Surfing in Bali, riding camels in Morocco, watching fireworks over Monte Carlo, and kickboxing in Thailand, I came from humble roots. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, and didn’t even leave the country until 2013. 

Some Say Entrepreneurship is For The "Unemployable"

I graduated college right after the financial crash of 2008… good grades, and internship and looking great on paper, I was unable to get even one interview in my field after college. I ended up working in a real estate office, and dreading putting on my shirt and tie everyday. 

What seemed at first to be a curse turned out to blessing in disguise when I realized, I didn’t want a job in a cubicle anyway. I turned to entrepreneurship to fill the void. 

My first business in real estate rehabilitation lasted for 3 years before I decided I had to see the world. 

Trading Time For Money is The Rat Race... a Race You Can't Win

After working as the marketing director for a software company that went from startup to sale and $0 – $300k/month in revenue in under a year, other businesses started to ask for help. Consulting started as something fun and cool, but turned in to 10 jobs in one. I realized that instead of building a business, I had created ten jobs for myself. I knew that if I ever wanted freedom in my business, I had to build systems, and I became obsessed with systems, automation and digital advertising. 

An Entrepreneur's Job Is To Design Productive "Systems" That Pay Them Around The Clock

After helping business owners do everything from make their first $3k sale to breaking the $100k/month mark in their first year of a new business, I decided to launch step-by-step implementation programs to the masses to help more entrepreneurs free up their time, make a bigger impact, avoid the complications of technology, and get the life for their family that they’ve always dreamed of. 

If you want more freedom with your time, location and finances, and you want to make more money than you ever have before, check out the trainings below. 

Fun Facts About Christian

I’m a normal person just like you. I just happen to work on the internet and travel around a lot. 


"How I "Rented" ONE Simple Funnel To 6 Different Clients At $1,500/Client Per Month While On Vacation In Thailand, Morocco And Argentina... "