Start Having $5k Days in Your Business

How to start having $5,000 days in your business next week

For most of us, going from our current situation to $5,000 days would be pretty life changing. The problem is, most people have no idea how to get there.

Sure, you can sell $5k worth of consulting or coaching, but then you have a month or two of work to do, right?

Well, not exactly. There is a better way. There is a leveraged way.

Using a leveraged model, you can sell clients in to a group program. Each client goes through your content and uses your systems to get a result, and you hop on a group coaching call 1-2x/week with everyone in the program.

My client, who I will call “Trevor” for privacy purposes, just had his first day selling his new flagship high ticket group program that we put together for him.

Trevor is a real estate investor. He spends most of his time traveling all around town, checking in on jobs, fixing things, looking at properties etc…

Somewhat recently, Trevor had a daughter. Now his time means even more to him.

Trevor wanted more freedom, flexibility and scalability in his business, so he came to me to talk about real estate coaching.

Now, Trevor had never coached before. He’s never tried to sell coaching, and he has no model to work off of. Lucky for him, he came to me first, and we did things the “easy” way right off the bat.

If most people were in Trevor’s situation, they would go out and sell coaching at $100 or $200/hr, and maybe get a client or two, and then put in the hours and start over from ground zero with the next client.

Not Trevor. His first day EVER selling coaching, he sold one package at $2,500, and added $2,500 to his bank account. He has a verbal commitment on another package, which if it closes, will make it a $5k day for Trevor.


The best part is, Trevor could go out tomorrow and have another $5k day, and it wouldn’t be any additional work for him. Since he has a leveraged business model, he can scale this to the moon.He can also make a bigger impact and help more people.

Seeing Trevor’s commitment to the program and how well the market is responding to the offer we put together, I won’t be surprised if Trevor has many more $5k days in the very near future. After all, today was Day 1 of putting the offer out there.

This is his new normal.

Are you ready for $5k days to be your new normal? Are you ready for each additional client to be an added $2k – $10k to your bottom line, but not much additional work for you in terms of time?

Reach out and let’s talk. If it’s a fit, and I can help, I might invite you to become a client so you can start getting $5k days for yourself.

After all, if you’re like “Trevor,” you can make your investment back your first day selling.

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