“The 45-Second Client Attraction Method” 3-day Workshop

Go from wondering where your next client is coming from, to waking up to interested clients booked on your calendar ready to talk about your services

Do you ever wish you could put getting new clients on autopilot? So that you had 1,2 even 5 new strategy sessions booked every day when you woke up?  

Jamil and I were sitting around back in October, just before Halloween, brainstorming ideas over Zoom to take those of you who already have a client or two to the next level.

We started to list the biggest frustrations, the most tedious time-sucks, the most annoying parts of owning and scaling an agency… to see if we could waive a magic wand and get rid of some of those things.

We wanted to bring something new to the group and make sure you have the best year ever.

And as usual, it came back to one thing. Getting clients.

Starting out, manual prospecting is the best way to find new clients… cold email, reaching out to people on messenger, building trust, learning the market.

But after you start to get clients, this can get old. And expensive in terms of the time and money it will cost you. Not to mention the limited reach.

The same outreach messages everyday… endlessly following up to see if they’re still interested. Flaky prospects who don’t seem to give you any respect.

And it becomes a bottleneck.

 It’s the ONE thing in your business, that if it doesn’t get done, the business comes to a grinding halt. But we’re all busy… at least I know I am. I’m sure you are too.

We all forget to prospect on some days, even though we know we should do it everyday.

I don’t know about you but I know starting out that I wished someone would just do it for me. I mean, that’s what we do for our clients, take the necessity for lead generation off of their shoulders.

Was there a simple way to do it for my own lead generation business?

And one day I started to think… what if I didn’t have to spend an hour staring at messenger today? Or scraping new leads to cold email?

What if new clients come directly to me instead of the other way around. Automatically. What if I had so many clients interested that I could actually turn down the clients I didn’t want to work with, and not feel guilty about it?

I’ve talked before about the necessity of automating lead generation if you want to blow past six figures in your business. In fact, it’s a big focus of my “4 steps to $1million online” video.

As soon as you know how to close a sales call and deliver a service, this is the best way to get more security, stability and predictability in your business. It’s the best way to increase the volume of interested clients so that you can take the power back, and not have to give in to every single demand of a new client just to make sure you can pay the bills this month.

So Jamil and I started thinking…

If we could flood you with clients, that would take care of most problems, wouldn’t it?

It would save the time spent on lead generation. It would take the uncertainty out of the business, and it would give you more income, so you could focus exclusively on your agency.

But there was a problem…

See, paid ads to a video sales letter, or a webinar is one of the best ways to get MASSIVE amounts of clients. But it’s extremely advanced.


An hour long webinar is a massive project, and most of us just don’t ever make the time.

It’s intimidating, and to be honest, a little confusing. While a webinar is hands down one of the best things you can do for your online it usually takes people months to write their webinar if it’s the first time. Most people just can’t seem to get themselves to follow through on it because there are too many unknowns. 

You have to  countless hours building a webinar… and you have to be comfortable presenting for 30-45 minutes. Sometimes you even have to have a salespage afterwards.

Even then, most people end up with a version 1.0 webinar that needs to be tweaked, refined and tested over and over to get the funnel to work.

What if we could hack the process to get to the bare essentials?

What if instead of 45 minutes on camera, you only had to talk for 40-45 seconds?

Surely, anyone could do that. Yes, I’m talking about you.

Could you muster up the courage to record a 45-Second selfie script on camera, if it meant you got rid of manual prospecting for good?

If it meant you had clients coming to you with consistency every day whether you worked the day before or not…

What your strategy session schedule looks like when you use the “45 second client attraction method”

Would you like to wake up to a calendar full of interested clients…without having had to manually reach out to all of them?

If so, then keep reading…

After a couple of hours of brainstorming and a couple weeks of testing, The 45 second client attraction method was born...

All it takes is a 45 second selfie video and a simple FB ad to bring in new clients
Instead of scripting a brand new webinar, you can just record one simple FB video ad and be done with it.

What if you could launch an automated lead generation ad for your agency in a weekend, and take care of prospecting forever?

What if for every $20 you spent, you got a strategy session, so when you want to get more clients, all you have to do is pay another $20 to FB.

I mean, when we close clients for $500 – $5,000, even $30 or $40 to get someone on the phone is an absolute steal. Even if we only close 1 in 10, we’re spending $300-$400 to close a client that could be worth anywhere from $1k – $10k or more over the lifetime of that client.


If you hate sales, you might be in a catch 22 position, where you can’t bring on a salesperson until you have more leads

Plus, it gives us the lead flow we need to bring on a sales person in our business. If you hate sales, you might be in a catch 22 position, where you can’t bring on a salesperson until you have more leads, but you don’t want to generate more leads until you have a salesperson because you don’t want to take all the calls yourself. This could be just what you need to level up.

“The 45-Second Client Attraction Method” 3-day workshop

Get your automated lead generation system in place, and 5x your business


Module 1:

We’ll cover your video script and how to film your 45 second video + setting up your calendar

Module 2:

Get ready to go live on FB with your video ad and ad copy + targeting

Module 3:

Analyzing results, tweaking and automating your new lead gen funnel

Problems The 45-Second Client Attraction System will solve:


You’ll get A 3-Day Recorded Implementation Workshop

3 recorded calls to walk you through each piece of the funnel, give you time to implement, and get feedback on the next call. You will be expected to complete the HW from each call and submit your funnel for review so we can help you make any necessary tweaks.

Program is finished and immediately available upon purchase.

PLUS you get fast action implementation and scaling bonuses


Targeting cheat sheet to pinpoint your niche targeting


Funnel template to import directly in to your account


Word for word video script that you can adapt for your niche


Sales person foundations: where to look and what to say to find your first salesperson


Automation cheat sheet: how to create “standard operating procedures” to systemize your business

Usually, this level of hands on help would cost you $4,997

In fact, that’s the price point we usually pay for courses to learn this level of material. But this week, we have an insider deal for the WFA fam.

Get all of this for 80% off for this insider Special

For most people, the payback period is 1 client, and this will get you leads coming in 24/7 and allow you to scale your business. It removes the bottleneck of generating leads for your agency so you can focus on growing sales and delivering for your client. If you decide not to take us up on this, you can purchase for the full $4,997 starting next week.

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We’ll be shutting this down

when we reach capacity to focus on getting amazing results for our students before we raise the price again.

We’re looking forward to working with you and supporting you in the next phase of your business! See you inside.

Christian, Jamil and the rest of the WFA team

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is already working with trial or paid clients, feels comfortable speaking with new clients, and can implement campaigns successfully… and wants to bring on new clients.

This is not for you if you haven’t been through WFA and learned the basics of how to talk to clients, how to setup ads and funnels, and how to think properly about your business. If you’re starting at zero and have never even worked with a trial client, go back to WFA and work through the program. You’re not quite ready for this yet. Don’t worry, we’re here to support you inside the WFA FB group to get to this level.

We recommend you have $500 in adspend to make sure you get enough leads to start getting paying clients to fund the growth of your lead generation system.

Yes, check out some screenshots of the lead costs, appointment costs and lead volume being pulled in from this funnel right now

No, this is available for a limited time. If you’re seeing this page right now and able to checkout, the offer is still available.

Yes, you can supplement your organic efforts with this funnel to bring in people who view your profile and get them to schedule a call on your calendar. This is a great way to get started using a funnel for your business if you’re not ready for paid ads.

 Yes, we ask that you actually implement what’s in the program, and let us know if you get stuck. We’re also going to ask for a review once you get great results so we can show other students how this is working.

If you like the way things are exactly as they are now, don’t feel bad about doing what you’ve been doing. If you want to change, or you want things to improve, you need to make a different decision than you’ve been making. If that feels like you, this may be the right next steps to get what you want.

This works for local businesses where your clients and your client’s customers are located in the same city as one another. This isn’t built specifically for getting clients in the coaching, consulting or online course space. If you’re in the coaching or online course niche, we recommend you check out https://www.blockbustercourses.com to learn story selling.


Remember this is an investment in a digital asset that will pay off for years to come, so think of it as investing in your business like you would invest in real estate, stocks or your skillset. Alternatively, if you are still early in your business you can continue on with manual lead generation which is the most cost effective way to get your first couple of clients and learn about your market. If you’re ready to level up and automate lead generation, come join us before we shut it down.

We guarantee you get the result you’re after from the three calls, or we’ll support you until you do. If you don’t get the results you’re looking for in the first three calls, we’ll hold another call every week until you’re all setup and bringing in leads for your agency. We’ll make sure you don’t get stuck with tech issues, targeting issues or copy issues. That’s our performance guarantee that you won’t be left to your own to complete the implementation. There are no refunds on this workshop. When it comes to spending money on ads, we are here to support you getting setup, but it’s up to you to manage your own funnel after that.

Reach out to us at support@digitalnomad.com and if there are still spots left, we’ll get back to you with an answer. Once we fill up, we’ll be focused on supporting our paying customers, so we can’t guarantee we’ll hold your spot or get back to you once the program is full.

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