10 Thoughts That Only Digital Nomads Will Experience

The life of a digital nomad is so different to the average city-dweller grinding away at their nine-to-five.

It’s almost like they experience the world through a different lens. It’s not all lie-ins, jet-setting, and passive income though…

Here is a selection of thoughts that only digital nomads experience.


  1. Wondering how you ever survived the daily commute

You spot people on their way to their office job and feel instantly smug. You also wonder how you managed to spend over an hour a day stuck in traffic, or wedged against fellow commuters on the train, witho

ut going insane.


  1. Judging cafes by a completely different criteria 

You know the ins and outs of every cafe like the back of your hand but

you no longer judge their suitability by the taste of the coffee and the range of the food.

More important is the strength of the Wi-Fi, and how snarky the staff get if you only buy one drink in seven hours.


  1. Becoming numb to being told how great your life is

“OMG, you get to travel and work, that must be so awesome!?”

Yes, the travel part is awesome. The earning money part is awesome. The working part we want to be over as soon as possible, just like everyone.


  1. The bittersweet feeling of working in your PJs

Yes, it’s awesome being able to start work without having too look presentable, but being able to concentrate when you’re dressed in your bedroom-wear is nearly impossible.


  1. Realizing a pay rise in real terms is just a flight away

Feel like your money isn’t going far enough? Just fly to South East Asia or another region that’s way cheaper than America. Suddenly, you’re a baller who can ‘make it rain’ at the bar every weekend.


  1. The awkwardness of being woken from your introverted slumber

You’ve gone hours without speaking to ANYONE, then suddenly you get a phone call or a passer-by asks you a question. For those few seconds, you turn to blubbering buffoon who has completely forgotten how to say words.


  1. The stress of setting your own pay rate

Instead of being pleased when a client immediately agrees to pay it, you’re left wondering how much money you’ve just left on the table.


  1. The buzz of being paid sporadically

You’re innocently in line at the bar, when your PayPal app informs you that Client X has sent you $500. I guess this round’s on them!

The fact that some clients pay late makes it feel that much more satisfying when the money does arrive.


  1. Discovering how much distraction there really is on the internet

With no boss looking over your shoulder, those cat videos and Buzzfeed quizzes become more tempting than ever. Even though there are three deadlines today, you suddenly feel compelled to find out what Harry Potter character your first-born child will be most like…


  1. Confusion as to why everyone doesn’t do this…

Throughout the day, you wonder how you became smart enough to choose this lifestyle. You also become confused as to why the whole world doesn’t work this way. Are you living in the matrix? How does everyone not see how brilliant this is?


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Graphics provided by Pixabay

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