10 Business Lessons I Learned From Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance


Do you keep feeling lost when you run into obstacles when you try starting a business, becoming a better speaker, or getting in shape….

You aren’t alone. In fact most people beat themselves down so much that they give up in their hearts long before they give up in reality.

The best people to look to when you are trying to figure out what you need to do to be a winner…are WINNERS!

One of the biggest winners of them all is Michael Jordan (Worth about $2 Billion), but simultaneously, he has FAILED more than most of us.

Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, missed 12,345 out of 24,537 shots. 

In order to succeed you are going to end up failing…over, and over.

But when you fail you have to keep going, you have to be obsessed, and have the right team at your side.

We aren’t all a one man show, and neither was Michael Jordan. He made the right decisions and focused on the right obsessions to be the BEST at what he did.

In today’s video, you will discover how he did it, and the 10 tips that helped him become the best basketball player of all time, as well as how you can use them for your own goals.

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#1. Be Obssessed to Win

I don’t watch sports these days. I don’t watch NBA games, but watching the highlights of somebody’s professional life, it’s still compelling enough that it can almost bring me to tears. And so whether you like sports or not, if you are a high performer in any area in life, I highly recommend you check out the last dance. If you haven’t.

This docu series covers Michael Jordan’s career culminating in his six MBA championship, but we don’t just get to see Michael. We get to see the teammates, the management, the whole organization that made this possible as well as a look into his competitors and what they think of Michael Jordan. And you don’t become without pissing off a few people and also becoming totally obsessed with the thing that you’re doing.

So I took out 10 things that I think can help me in business to make more sales, to achieve higher performance, to make a bigger impact, and ultimately to get more fulfillment by giving life at business, everything I’ve got.

So 10 lessons. First lesson is if you want to get to the top, you have to have an on quenching desire to win. Michael Jordan was obsessed and he would not let anybody get in his way. Now they tell a story about a championship series. If you don’t know how seven games and so the same team will play each other over and over again throughout the PBN chip series, until one of the wins, the majority of the games.

Now walking off the court in one game, this player had scored a bunch of points against Michael Jordan. I forget who it was, but as he’s walking off, he goes nice game. My goal as if he was mocking him. And so Michael Jordan goes into the locker room and he tells this whole team how he’s going to destroy this guy and how dare he talk trash to him.

And it was pretty mild. But in this speech, he’s telling the team how this guy is going to Rue the day that he said any words to him walking off the courts. And so they go to the game the next night and Michael Jordan just goes after him hard. And he just decimates him.

And 10 years later, somebody is asking Michael about the story. And he goes, Oh yeah, like I never said that. I just beat that up to get myself to the place I needed to be to make sure he didn’t score as many points the next night. So Michael Jordan would actually lie to himself just to bring out that ultra competitive edge and to destroy his competition. That’s how much you wanted it.

#2. Be Willing to Lose

Lesson two is you have to be willing to lose. There’s a famous Jordan quote. I forget what it is, but how many game winning shots he has taken and lost.

Now you see in the documentary, he takes the game, winning shot all the time and wins. That’s who they give the ball to in the clutch moment. But in order to be that person, the go to guy, the key person who can perform what it matters most, you have to be willing to take that shot and lose.

And we saw that over and over again, the documentary to the whole team, the whole organization, the whole city, depending on him and him taking the shot and missing it. And this is a big reason why most people never shoot for the stars.

#3. Not Everyone Will Like You

They never try things that are truly difficult because they can’t handle the pain of that loss, the humiliation of that loss. But if you want to win, you have to be able to lose less than three. Is that not everyone will like you ate a lot of Jordan’s teammates thought he was a bully, even though he was part of, one of the greatest basketball teams in history, a lot of people fear him.

And so something that we’ve learned in businesses as well, well, people have done deep dive studies on business leaders.

And what are the traits that are highest in is lack of concern for other people’s feelings. Those doesn’t mean they don’t care about other people. It means they put mission first. And when you’re going after a singular goal like that, you’re not always going to be able to be the nicest person in the room. And so we saw that with Jordan, where a lot of times he was not very nice at all to his teammates because he cared more about winning.

Then the feelings of the people around him. I see this over and over again in business leaders, even people who are leading philanthropic efforts, even people whose mission in life is to improve the lives of other people. Oftentimes they just can’t let other people’s feelings get in the way.

And that’s because there’s always going to be competing desires and competing feelings. Oftentimes you have to make a choice where one way or another somebody is going to be unhappy with you.

And if you’re paralyzed by that, like most people, then you’re not going to ever be able to achieve your goal. So my goal did not care what people were feeling. He was more conservative about what do we have to do to actually win? And you better get on his page where else you’re going to get booted.

#4. Focus on the Main Thing

Next day, I keep the main thing.

The main thing you see, Michael Jordan did not live this crazy life of partying all the time or going off and spending his extravagant wealth. At least in this documentary. At the time you seem to live this quite humble life, you know, early to bed, early to rise. And he’s just going out there and he’s training hard all day, every single day.

That was surprisingly. We also see Dennis Rodman and this, and he’s shooting off to Vegas. He’s going to do WWE events. He’s partying with cars, electronics, and, uh, he still seems to get the job done. The next lesson, which is quite similar, is stay in your lane.

#5. Stay In Your Lane

Oftentimes the entrepreneurs, we get so much shiny object syndrome, and we want to go into other industries. We’re going to go do things we know nothing about, even though we spent years getting good at this one thing. And so Andrew does the same thing.

At one point, he retires and he goes to play baseball. And while he’s not terrible at baseball, usually to get to the top of your field and anything, you need to dedicate at least 10 years of obsession to that thing. And so he made it to the minor leagues, but ultimately ended up going back to basketball because for him, that was his lane.

#6. You Need a Dedicated Team

Next to have you bike be a star player, but you still need a star team. So no matter how good you think you are in business, you need the team to back it up. I don’t care if you’re a genius entrepreneur and visionary without the team that you’re dead in the water, just like without Michael’s team or the bowls, he’s not going to win the championship.

So while he might score 47 points at a game out of a hundred, he still needs that team to support and create the infrastructure around, scoring those points and to score the other 53 more than half of the points of the game. So if you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t work well with people yet, or you don’t know how to build a team, you might want to start thinking about putting you on those star players to support your vision.

#7. Make Smart Business Decisions

Next time, make smart business decisions. Now you might not know this, but prior to the Michael Jordan era, not a lot of basketball players were brought up and singled out as a star player. As far as brand sponsorships go, this was much more common in the tennis industry.

It was very common for a tennis player to have their own signature rackets, that own signature shoes, whatever. And so Michael Jordan just so happened to get a tennis agent as his agent. And this agent knew how to pull a star player out and turn them into a nationwide celebrity that everybody wants to be like, be like Mike.

And so this was one of the first times this had really been done on a big scale in the basketball industry. And that’s why MDA is worth $2.3 billion because he got his own endorsement line with Nike. We also see in the documentary where Scotty Pippin negotiated his contract poorly got locked into seven years, beat one of the best basketball players in the league, like getting paid something like the hundred 23rd most in the league.

So he’s just completely under compensated because of poor business decisions. And even though he’s performing at the top of his game, he’s missing out on those paydays. Next lesson. One thing I noticed over and over again, and this is these championship games.

#8. The Last Shot Counts

A lot of times it comes down to the very last shot it over and over again, to keep down to like the last one or two seconds in the game, the teams will be all tied up. And then he was the person who, in that moment of extreme pressure, I can’t even imagine what that would feel like with the whole world staring at you. It’s the last game of the series everybody’s depending on you. And you have to take that game winning shot without choking.

So oftentimes these series would come down to a one shot and it’s that player making that shot, that clinches the whole thing.

And they get the glory, the lifetime glory of being the champions because they made that one shot. So the difference between first and second is so infant testimony small, but you have to have that edge just to be in the game. You have to be so good that in the last three seconds, you’re tied up with the next best team, but to win, you actually have to have that magic where you can pull through in the last second and make the game winning shot and you get the glory forever.

#9. Diamonds are Born Out of Pressure

Lastly, I have victory comes with, go to the extremes of human experience. If you’re looking for that fulfillment in life, if you’re looking for that victory, it doesn’t come from taking the easy way out.

It doesn’t come for looking for the path of least resistance. It comes from going hard in the paint for years on end and going to the very depths of what you’re capable of and pulling through in that final moment, pushing hard until the end.

So if you’re looking for victory in business, don’t think that it’s going to be easy. Don’t think that you’re never going to lose. Don’t think you’re going to make the shot every time, but know that if you push hard and you continue and you stay in your lane, you build the proper team and you hit that clutch shot. Eventually it will be worth it.

It’s just amazing to see humans perform at that level. And I think we can all take inspiration from that and put that into our lives. It’s gotten me thinking, where could I be a higher performer?

#10. Victory Comes From Fulfillment

How could I perform where like a high performance sports team. But the last thing that I wanted to recognize in this video is to enjoy the ride. And that’s because we see all these players interview now, 20 years after this happened and they’re human, just like the rest of us, right?

MJ might have more money, but you could see that he’s aging. All of the players of aging, they’re all middle aged now. And their glory days are behind them for, they have something to show for it. They have the rigs, but they must confront life like the rest of us do.

So we must remember a business. Sure. It is great to win in. Business is great to build a team, the organization, to make the money, to serve our customers and have the glory of doing something. And most people will never do. But in the end, we’re all humans. We all have the same human experience and we have to come to terms with that.

So no matter what you’re doing, make sure you enjoy the journey, how fun on the ride and do something worthwhile because time is going to pass either way. You might as well try to win that championship. So that’s it. The 10 business lessons that I learned from the last dance documentary about, um, Jay’s career in the NBA, just completely inspiring to see humans perform at that level.

Let me know in the comments, did you watch the last dance? And if so, what’s one life lesson that you could pull out. What was your favorite episode or favorite moments from the series? I’d love to hear it. Put it in the comments. That’s all for later Christian, he worked for one of our digital marketing guy. See you next time.

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